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University of Manchester standardises on bespoke Loxit desks

The University of Manchester is the largest single-site university in the UK and part of the prestigious Russell Group.

The challenge

The University of Manchester recently took the decision to invest in new desks for lecturers, but a number of specific requirements made this a difficult task, as Jamie Wright, media services assistant manager, at the university, explains: “We struggled to find something that would have all the abilities that we wanted: electrically height adjustable, the right size, which for us is shallower than a normal depth of desk, the ability to incorporate a 19” rack and customisable. We really struggled to find anywhere else on the market that could provide that. Thankfully when we came to Loxit, they managed to find a good solution.”

The project

After meeting with Loxit, the university discovered we were able to design and install desks that met their requirements.

“One of the interesting things we found was that the type of mechanics we’ve got actually suited the university’s Jame & John at the University of Manchester with their bespoke Loxit desksrequirements but being a shallow desk, which was actually based on the depth of a plinth, and needing the integrated AV meant that it had to have a certain type of electrically height adjustable leg set,” explains John Whittle. Following the design review after the first rollout, the requirement to have a split vanity panel at the back was introduced. This means that IT can go into a room mid-lecture if a piece of equipment goes down, remove the portion of the vanity panel and access the back of the rack todo the servicing while the lecture continues to be delivered. Jamie Wright adds: “Generally when it comes to AV support there’s only one technician who’ll fix the issue, so instead of having to take off an entire vanity panel they can take off the section they need, which is just behind the rack, and get to all the equipment. That’s been really useful for us as opposed to having to get a couple of people in to take off whole vanity panels at once.” In addition to this, two-thirds height doors allow lecturers to access some of the components but ensure they’re not able to reach everything.

The outcome

The bespoke Loxit desks have now been installed across the University of Manchester’s campus.

“It’s become part of our teaching standard. We have the same kit and the same layout in 85 of our centrally timetabled rooms which makes it really useful for the lecturers because no matter where they are on campus it’s the same equipment and the same layout.” – Jamie Wright, UoM

“When lecturers come to use the equipment, not only the AV equipment but also the features of the desk like the raise and lower, they know where everything is located. It’s been really useful for us to be able to standardise on this product. It’s also actually had unexpected uses which we hadn’t planned for but it’s been delivered really well. “We started out with one particular product and through several iterations, which we worked on with Loxit, we’ve come up with a really good product which we feel we can roll out across our entire campus“.

The Impact

University of Manchester standardises on bespoke Loxit desksThe height adjustment has been a particularly popular feature, having a number of unexpected benefits.

“In addition to providing easy acces and comfort for wheelchair users or those who have difficulty standing for long periods, we’ve also found that the height adjustment has been very useful for some of our other users, such as our maths lecturers who want the desk to be raised quite high so they can use the visualizers.” – Jamie Wright, UoM

Before we got the desks, lecturers were having to spend a good hour, sometimes even two, leant over writing formulae on the visualisers and we were getting a lot of complaints about people with bad backs. Having these desks has made it really easy for lecturers to be able to utilise things like the visualizer without causing any serious damage to their back, so it’s actually had unexpected uses which we hadn’t planned for but it’s been delivered really well.”

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