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Unique PSHE resources for mental health and safeguarding

There is now a realization by governments that schools play an important role in promoting good mental health. And there’s pressure on schools to deliver.

Promoting robust mental health is now a formal part of the PSHE curriculum, yet there’s very little available to schools in terms of support and resources.

Now, there are proven resources available – all the way from Denmark! Widely regarded as one of Europe’s most successful education systems, Denmark has enthusiastically embraced the need to provide positive mental health intervention. As in the UK, there are incredible stresses placed on children and young people by social media, peer pressure, bullying, exams, and more. There’s very little that schools can do to alleviate these stresses, but what they CAN do is provide ‘counterbalancing’ positive input.Unique PSHE resources for mental health and safeguarding

In Denmark, as in many other countries around the world, the concept of ‘positive education’ has emerged as an important part of the curriculum. Evidence from many studies shows that good self-esteem and robust mental health allow children to learn better. But until recently, the tools that schools needed to implement such policies were lacking. This is where Denmark has taken a lead…

Based on the concepts of positive psychology and intrinsic character strengths, the Danish education company Strength Academy has developed a range of classroom materials that are easy to use and give very positive results. Now proven over several years, and in hundreds of schools, Strength Academy materials are finally available in the UK.

With versions available for both Primary and Secondary schools, the Strength Academy resources are complete systems – ready to go. High quality teacher and classroom resources are complemented by low-cost student workbooks, reducing costs:

  • Strength Game (each box for 2–4 players)
  • Teacher guides with clear step-by-step activity instructions
  • Low-cost student workbooks (just buy new workbooks for each class)
  • A4 flashcards
  • A2 classroom poster

Evidence from Denmark shows that using these resources can lead to:Unique PSHE resources for mental health and safeguarding

  • Noticeable improvements in individual self-esteem
  • Improved class interactions and acceptance of diversity
  • Greater engagement and willingness to learn

In the UK, these leading-edge resources are supplied and supported by Tiny Sponges. We’re a specialist supplier of PSHE, mental health, and safeguarding resources to schools and parents. With over 30 years’ experience in education, we’ve worked with Strength Academy to adapt these unique resources for the UK.

Email: info@tinysponges.com

Web: www.tinysponges.com

Tel: 01903 910191


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