Win Brightsparks4kids Renewable Energy Kit right here

Renewable Energy Kit

Design, build and understand your own renewable energy circuits! The Brightsparks4kids Renewable Energy Kit REK01 contains 7 essential component modules and Electricity Hand crank. Easily create simple or more complex circuits with the supplied leads ‘Simply Plug & Play’ Kit contents include everything you need to get started in generating you own FREE electricity! Each […]

 IN Education

Mental Health first aid

Adolescence is a time of important change and development. It is also a time when mental health problems such as depression and anxiety first emerge. During these critical years, mental health issues are a leading cause of falling grades, problems with relationships and substance misuse, often having a lifelong impact. That is why spotting the […]

Providing students with effective wellbeing support

School boy wellbeing support

It is more important than ever for schools to support the wellbeing of students. With the prevalence of social media, the disruption of the pandemic, uncertainty around exams and financial pressures on parents being only a handful of the challenges faced by students, stress levels can be comparatively higher than previously seen and pastoral care […]

Could you be a foster carer? Hounslow Council need you

Foster Carer with child

As part of a national drive, Hounslow Council is encouraging professionals to come forward and foster children and young people in our care.   People foster for a number of reasons, but it’s overwhelmingly because they want to make a difference to a child’s life.   A foster carer provides a home for children or […]

Creative Relationship and Sex Education transforms young people’s lives

Online RSE

The state of sex-ed “We watched a video of a dog giving birth” – 2007 “Mine started with a r*pe joke” – 2017 “I literally have no recollection of it” – 2019 These are all real Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) experiences from across the years and across the country. You can find more in […]

Eating Disorders: can we help teenagers avoid them?

Eating Disorders Schools

Here at tastelife, we believe emphatically that yes, we can help our teenagers avoid developing an eating disorder!  We know that eating disorders often begin during adolescence, so the vision behind Youth Track: Understanding Eating Disorders, is to keep teens informed about this too-often taboo subject, as well as to provide those who work with […]

What Role Can Technology Play in Assessment?

Fiona Goddard talks about assessment

With the cancellation of exams in the summer, the subject of assessment has been brought to the fore.  The short-term exam preparation phenomenon of ‘teaching to the test’ will have temporarily disappeared and some will be thankful of that, but does this give us a unique chance to explore and adopt other methods of continuous […]

Young people hold the key to their wellbeing with Composure Active

Composure Active Yoga

Here at Composure Active our intention is to help young people realise that they hold the key to their own wellbeing. Through Yoga, Mindfulness and Resilience exercises, we show students how to uncover their innate resilience and potential! Wellbeing workshops and courses are not only aimed at finding a sense of calm, ease and peace […]