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Providing students with effective wellbeing support

It is more important than ever for schools to support the wellbeing of students. With the prevalence of social media, the disruption of the pandemic, uncertainty around exams and financial pressures on parents being only a handful of the challenges faced by students, stress levels can be comparatively higher than previously seen and pastoral care is all the more important. One key issue remains in that young people are more comfortable communicating online through their smartphones; many find it difficult to articulate their thoughts and emotions in person, making it extremely difficult to support their wellbeing.


wellbeing support - school childrenHow can schools provide effective wellbeing support for students when they are unaware of the specific issues that may be impacting them?


Tech-driven wellbeing platform GoVox facilitates effective wellbeing support, through its regular Wellbeing Check-In and Personal Wellbeing Report service. These do not replace any in-person pastoral care at your school, they simply compliment this and improve the efficiency and scale of wellbeing interventions. The system checks in directly with students via their emails, and harnesses social media behaviours which results in a very high level of engagement. Results feed back into a central dashboard, so that teachers and pastoral heads can view any red flags and comments from students. A monthly Personal Wellbeing Report is sent out following the check-in, so students can also apply self-help techniques that are refreshed on a regular basis. There is a healthy volume of data contained in the dashboard – the data can be analysed and used to measure trends. At a micro level, cyclical trends are identifiable in individual students, who are being given a voice through the check-in.


Critically, the platform is also available to staff, so that they receive wellbeing support from line managers at your school.


Unlike other wellbeing platforms, GoVox isn’t anonymous, meaning you understand exactly who would benefit from some support, and in which key areas. GoVox takes away the guesswork involved in pastoral care at schools, meaning happier, higher-achieving students. According to recent research*, one in five students has a diagnosed mental health problem; would you know who that is in your school, and how you might be able to support them?


For a free demo of the platform, visit govox.com/schools today, or get in touch via hello@govox.com



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