New engineering challenge launched at Big Bang Fair

New engineering scheme launched at Big Bang Fair

A new education initiative launched at the national Big Bang Fair is opening the door to engineering for children across the country. 

Junior Technology Tournaments are inviting school children to take part in a range of activities that encourages them to think about engineering. 

The scheme was developed by the Rochester Bridge Trust in partnership with Rotary Great Britain and Ireland, and is based on success of the Rotary's existing Senior Technology Tournaments, where secondary school students take part in innovative engineering challenges as part of a national competition. 

The Best in Automated Gate Design and Installation

The Best in Automated Gate Design and Installation

IQ Gates are the UK’s leaders in automated gate design, engineering and installation. With more than 20 years of experience in automated entrance gate installation and dedicated exemplary design, IQ Gates offer a service that is unparalleled to any other. We offer a wide selection of services to ensure that existing automated gates continue to work correctly and safely throughout their lifetime as well as one off repairs and safety health checks. IQ Gates are able to advise and create impressive and secure entrances to residential or commercial properties with incredible design and installation. We are happy to be affiliated with many gate safety advocates including Gate Safe, to ensure that all gate installations are well engineered, legal and safe.


Over 1100 children register for Wiltshire Festival of Engineering

Over 1100 children register for Wiltshire Festival of Engineering

Significant numbers of Wiltshire school children have shown early interest in the Wiltshire Festival of Engineering by registering to attend the event.  Latest registration figures show that 37 schools have signed up to take part in the Festival - which will see a staggering total of over 1100 young people (aged Year 6 upwards) inspired by local technology businesses. 

STEM in the ‘real world’

‘We all have a part to play in tackling the STEM skills shortage’ 

The most recent research for the Parliamentary Office of Science & Technology reported that 42 per cent of employers still have difficulties recruiting staff from science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) backgrounds. Indeed, the STEM skills shortfall is a very real issue, and a cause for concern not only for schools, but also parents, businesses, government and policy-makers.  

Advice and Tips on The Future of Engineering in Education

Doug Anderson, Sales and Marketing Manager of Guttridge, discusses the importance of attracting future engineers, offering a few tips and setting a few industry goals along the way.

The engineering sector is vital for the UK’s economic progression. In the future, engineers will be responsible for producing cutting-edge technology and building structures that will help the UK tackle many renewable energy issues. 

To achieve this, there needs to be as many people entering the industry as possible. Educational organisations must remove any existing preconceptions and make engineering an attractive career path for younger people from all backgrounds.

The IET Faraday programme: Bringing Science, Technology and Maths to life

We can do more to nurture students’ interest and achievement in Science, Design & Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – by showing them the exciting, real-life applications of the subjects. If we want students to be fully equipped for their futures, we need to give them grounding in these subjects and make them aware of the career choices in these fields. 

Summer Camps – Supporting STEM During Summer

Arts and Craft at summer-camp


Karen Baynes, Director of Barracudas Activity Day Camps, looks at activity day camps and how they can encourage and inspire the next generation of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) professionals.

Activity day camps are a great place for kids to unwind out of school. The more relaxed atmosphere of a summer program encourages children to try new things. The right camps and activities can even help a child develop leadership skills and a sense of independence, which are important building blocks for future academic and personal successes.

From Local Schools To State Of The Art Engineering Tools

In 2016 alone a predicted 96,300 new engineers, scientists and technologists are needed to replace the retirements in industry.  Leicester based engineering plastics specialists Nylacast have a unique formula proven to aid the industry skills gap.

The engineering firm which employs over 480 people worldwide and exports engineering solutions to blue chip clients across key industries recently opened its doors once again to local students and their parents as part of a unique open evening.


Randstad Student Support, a leading provider of learning support staff, has taken a group of 15 budding Formula 1 racing engineers to the Williams Martini Racing F1 Factory for a day of innovation, excitement and engineering insight.

The lucky group from North Shropshire College included 14 students who fought off tough competition to win the trip, managing to take home the trophy in a competition hosted by Randstad Student Support at the Association of Colleges conference held in November.

Randstad Student Support worked with 65 further education colleges and 93 universities around the UK last year, providing vital support for 28,000 students, helping them to achieve their potential.