The first year of secondary school has become a pinch-point for online safety - as 11-year-olds face a “perfect storm” of digital pressures, a new campaign can reveal.

Nearly seven out of 10 (68%) parents of Year 7 pupils are concerned their children are under pressure to have multiple social media apps and 71% are worried they will be pushed into sharing images or videos, according to new research from Internet Matters, which has launched a new set of guides to help parents.

Imagine if schools across the UK could improve the health of their pupils, help save the planet and save money - all at the same time. ‘School Plates’, a new campaign by food awareness organisation ProVeg UK, aims to do just that.

Working with schools, local authorities and catering companies, ProVeg UK is calling for five small changes to menus to increase children’s intake of healthy plant-based foods.