Jo Cormack, author of Helping Children Develop a Positive Relationship with Food, answers our questions on children’s eating habits…

What kinds of issues are staff faced with when it comes to eating in school?

Despite a growing emphasis on nutrition in recent years, there is a lack of staff training around how to help children develop a positive relationship with food. Staff frequently have to deal with food-related challenges such as picky eating or allergies, especially in the primary sector. It is essential that they feel confident and informed. 

Helen Garnett, author of Developing Empathy in the Early Years, summarises a chapter at the end of the book titled Empathy and Autism. This chapter helps to explain autism and its history, as well as offering sound advice to early years educators when it comes to whole-school empathy...

Autism in the 21st century

 Woolton-based Abbot’s Lea School has appointed a new Head Boy and Head Girl as part of its commitment to promoting student leadership.


Positive Autism Support and Training (PAST) was set up over three years ago by LauraKerbey, and ex Head Teacher from a Specialist Autism School with over 15 years’ experience working with children with autism and associated conditions.  Laura recognised that there was a huge need to provide good autism training to staff who worked in mainstream schools due to the increasing number of students with autism spectrum conditions who were being educated outside of the specialist sector.