CLA – online service has potential to ease teacher workload

Eela Devani of the CLA on reducing teacher workload associated with printing resources

A service launching this autumn for schools aims to reduce the amount of time involved in lesson preparation by delivering digital books needed for the classroom on a single online platform. Eela Devani explains. At a time when government and educational publishers are focused on improving digital access in schools, the traditional processes of lesson […]

Ready-made lesson plans and worksheets

Wand Education - ready-made lesson plans and worksheets

Wand Education is a new teaching platform developed for both primary and secondary schools, that was trialled by West Exe and Cranbrook Schools in Exeter.  Wand is an education tool that provides teachers with quick and efficient means to access or edit quality ready-made lesson plans and worksheets. It is adaptable to any type of content and schools can, if they wish, upload their own schemes of […]