Prowise and Wizenoze increase the relevance of the internet in the classroom

Children using Prowise  internet in the classroom

Wizenoze and Prowise join forces. With the collaboration, Prowise enables users to gain access to The Web for Classrooms, through the free education software Prowise Presenter. This innovative technology provides relevant, reliable and readable online information that is suitable for an educational environment and offered at the appropriate level for students. The Web for Classrooms will be fully integrated in Prowise Presenter 10. This entirely free education software is already packed with content and interactive possibilities for teachers (instruction), groups (collaborative learning) and students (processing). With the integration of The Web for Classrooms in Presenter, teachers and students gain access to a more relevant source of online information for preparing their lessons or presentations. The technology, based on artificial intelligence, aligns the relevance of the information retrieved from the internet with the demands of the users in the education sector. Complete education software Presenter 10 is currently available as beta version and is the latest version will be presented to the public during the Bett in London, the world’s largest education convention. From April 2019 onwards, the latest version of the education software (including The Web for Classrooms) will be available in The Netherlands, England and Belgium. With the education software, teachers and students use images, videos, tools, Touch Table tools and 3D models, as well as ready-made education strands, quizzes and mindmaps.  International development Both parties are enthusiastic about the opportunities that accompany this collaboration. Diane Janknegt, founder of Wizenoze, is ecstatic about the prospect that now hundreds of thousands of teachers can start using The Web for Classrooms, a source of online information especially fitted for use in the classroom. “With this platform, users can retrieve online information to strengthen their lesson or presentation. It is time efficient and students get better grades. Prowise has now given us the opportunity to rapidly develop The Web for Classrooms on an international scale.” Appealing to schools “The integration of The Web for Classrooms” makes our free education software Prowise Presenter 10 even more complete”, director Michael Ahrens adds. “Presenter runs perfectly on our hardware devices such as Prowise Touchscreen, Chromebooks EduLine, All-in-One PC and EduBook 360. Moreover, it plays an integral role in our online learning environment Prowise GO for teachers (instruction) and students (collaborative learning and processing). This makes the interactive Prowise solution extra appealing to schools.” About Wizenoze: Wizenoze was founded in 2013 by Diane Janknegt (previously at Microsoft) and Prof. Dr. Theo Huibers (Twente University). Their goal is to make quality content available for students, adolescents, functionally illiterate and anyone who enjoys acquiring readable information. This disruptive technology is developed by an international team of teachers, scientists and developers, specialised in language technology, search engine technology and artificial intelligence. Since 2018, Wizenoze has become a player on the international stage. About Prowise: Prowise is a leading global company that invests in innovation, quality and reliability in the field of digital learning solutions. By developing their own touchscreens, tablets and user-friendly software, Prowise makes learning more accessible, effective and enjoyable. In 2017, Prowise was awarded the golden FD Gazellen Award (region South in the category large companies) as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The Budel-based company, that has only been operational for 9 years, recorded an average revenue growth of 151% over the past three years. Today, over 20,000 schools, 300,000 teachers and hundreds of businesses in over 21 countries use the Prowise solutions. Find out more