Cypher Learning tailors learning to each student – wherever they are

A girl uses a laptop with help from mother – Cypher Learning

NEO, a product of Cypher Learning, is a platform that offers a solution for teachers who want to create content, assess learning and process results in one place. Used by schools and universities across the world, NEO offers flexibility and personalisation, so learning is tailored to each student. QA Education editor Victoria Galligan spoke to […]

Rolls-Royce and Discovery Education bring STEM to primary schools

Rolls-Royce STEM education sessions for primary schools

An exciting new partnership to inspire the next generation of scientists was launched at Rolls-Royce HQ in Derby recently. Teachers from local primary schools visited the Rolls-Royce Learning and Development Centre to celebrate the start of the new initiative, which sees the company joining forces with Discovery Education to support STEM learning. Developed to spark […]

How edtech innovation is improving education

Kyocera - edtech offers solutions from primary schools to university

Pauric Surlis, Frameworks Relationship Manager KYOCERA Document Solutions UK, on the Government’s recent £10million investment in edtech. Anyone working in the education sector will be acutely aware of the pressure on teachers to provide high-quality learning, support and care to all students, with an ever-increasing administrative burden making it harder to deliver an engaging learning […]

Resetting the education system to ensure digital literacy

Caroline Kennard on how Encyclopaedia Britannica can boost digital literacy

Caroline Kennard, international business development director at Encyclopaedia Britannica, discusses the technical revolution and how schools can prepare by increasing digital literacy… Parliament has recently launched an inquiry into the education system and its standards in what they have termed the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. This inquiry focuses on the suitability of the current school curriculum […]

Now vs then – how communication has evolved

Child using tablet for communication

By Adele Abbiss, Online Safety Expert, Smoothwall The 90s – oh what a time to be alive. Great (or not so great) music, funky hairstyles, denim overalls, the beloved Tamagotchi and who can forget the Spice Girls. When meeting up with your friends at the local park was arranged… using the house phone! Or if […]

How to educate the innovators of tomorrow using technology

Stone Group advise on technology – shown here in use in a school

Technology permeates every stage of a child’s day, and embracing this is no longer a choice for schools. The students in the classrooms of tomorrow will be our tech innovators of the future, and head teachers must equip schools with the IT infrastructure and technology to handle the growing needs – and expectations – of […]

Virtual Reality Learning

Virtual Reality Learning: A Technological Innovation for Education When it comes to classroom study, learning processes are constantly evolving and new developments in technology means that many education practices can be eased through these new innovations. One particular technology which has been changing the face of education and improving learning methods lately is Virtual Reality […]

Practical Applications of Technology in Education 

Practical Applications of Technology in Education 

It is surely difficult for schoolchildren and students today to imagine classrooms as they were not that long ago – without computers and mobile phones.   Technology is now ubiquitous in schools – learning platforms, laptops, mobile phones and so on.   According to a 2016 report from EdTechXGlobal, education technology is becoming a global phenomenon, and […]

The Importance of Hands on Learning in Schools

Alex Dalton, Managing Director of woodworking machinery specialists Daltons Wadkin, takes a look at the importance of hands on learning, and why subjects such as Design and Technology are important. I think the best example to outline why hands on learning is hugely important is when trying to teach someone to ride a bicycle. You can try and teach them in a classroom, but to actually learn, they […]