Accelerate your pupils maths ability with Maths-Whizz

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Looking for a way to raise student attainment in maths and ease teacher workload at the same time? Have you considered Maths-Whizz, the multi-award-winning online tutor from Whizz Education?   What is Maths-Whizz Made up of four core elements, including the award-winning AI driven tutor, in-depth assessment and reporting tools, a bank of high-quality resources and the customer success team. Each element works together to help progress maths within schools.    How can Maths-Whizz help With just 45-60 minutes per week on Maths-Whizz, your students’ maths ability will, on average, increase by 18 months in their first year of use* – that’s a six-month acceleration!    How does Maths-Whizz achieve this? By providing each student with a personalised learning journey that matches their unique needs and pace of learning.   After an initial no-pressure online assessment which pinpoints each student’s strengths and weaknesses across the maths curriculum, the Tutor provides them with fully-individualised, interactive lessons which aim to close the specific gaps in their knowledge. What’s more, it does all this without teacher input!    That’s not all though, our Assessment and Reporting tool allows teachers to view student progress in each individual topic, while our Teachers’ Resource has a collection of over 1240 exciting lessons and worksheets all in one convenient location.       The Maths-Whizz Money Back Guarantee    At Whizz Education we always keep our promises.   So when we say 45-60 minutes per week will accelerate your students’ maths attainment – we mean it! In fact, we’re so confident of this that we’re prepared to give you a full refund if at least two-thirds of the students who use Maths-Whizz for a minimum of 45 minutes a week over one year, do not experience more than 12 months growth in their Maths Age.**  Please note that you need to purchase at least 100 subscriptions for this offer to apply. If your school has less than 100 students, you will need to purchase Maths-Whizz for your entire school.   Sound interesting? T&Cs apply    *Research by Whizz Education – conducted with over 12,000 students and verified by independent experts – found that students who used Maths-Whizz for 45-60 minutes a week increase their Maths Age, on average, by 18 months in the first year of use.    **Maths Age is a measure of how each student is progressing through the Maths-Whizz curriculum. Students are first assigned a Maths Age after the initial assessment, which then grows as they progress through Tutor.    

The next generation of school apps

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92% of UK adults aged 25-44 own a smartphone and are used to having information at their fingertips. Schools that embrace this trend have engaged parents and higher performing students, but there is a huge difference between an app and a good app. The new generation of school apps truly are school gateways, ready to deal with the challenges schools face.  Schools have adopted several systems to communicate a range of information with parents. Parents love having the information, but soon become frustrated and confused about which gateway to use, pushing schools to provide everything in one place. New generation gateways focus on all-in-one solutions and are ever evolving. For example, Schoolcomms offers text and email communication, but also offer reporting, achievement and behaviours, attendance management, payments and an online facility for booking and managing clubs – to mention a few key areas. We spoke to Mark Haddleton, ICT Coordinator and Support Manager at St Thomas à Becket: “The all-in-one School Gateway app eliminates the need for separate systems for parents to have to remember passwords for; every bit of the information they need is there on their phone in one place.” Most schools have a text and email service and many already have online payments. What most solutions are lacking, is the ability to engage parents in their child’s learning. A system that caters for that, undoubtedly caters for everything else. Packages that allow you to add functionality as your current contracts expire help bring everything into one school gateway, bit by bit, without the stress associated with consolidation.   A gateway is an investment that pays dividends in pupil performance and long-term savings as Mark Haddleton found: “I have started to think of Schoolcomms as free, because as well as saving on costly text messaging to parents, we also managed to identify many extra Pupil Premium qualifying families through parents taking the in-app test, which has brought quite a sum of money into school” By investing in technology, you are giving parents the tools to be fully engaged in their child’s learning. Simply having an app is not enough. The new generation of school gateways are here, with more functionality for staff and parents. And if knowledge is power a good school gateway doesn’t just engage parents, it empowers them. To find out more about Schoolcomms call 0333 332 7147 or visit