3 tips to help you promote your school at a fair

promote your school at a fair

Richard Cutmore, Director of TFH Gazebos gives his best advice to promote your school at a fair. Whether you’re there for a school, college or university, attending a fair can help you recruit new students for the next academic year. But with so many other groups in attendance, how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd? Here, I’ll share with you my three top tips on how to promote your school at a fair. Decorate your stand When attending any sort of exposition, whether it’s a trade show or a school fair, the biggest mistake people make is not decorating their pitch. You want people to notice you and recognise your school as they walk by, as this will make them more likely to approach and speak to you. Decorate your pitch with your school colours and logo, including tablecloths, pop-up signs, banners, bunting and even a gazebo. This will make your stand instantly recognisable, and you’ll be showing potential students that you have pride in your institution. Use technology The best way to reach out and promote yourself to young people these days is by making full use of the technology they use in their daily lives. This includes adding video and photo elements to your stand to show off your school grounds to potential students. You could also make use of social media. These platforms can be a great way to reach out to students and parents, but they’re also useful for advertising. In the run up to the fair, post about your attendance and generate a buzz. Make sure you tell students where they can find you if they’re interested in speaking to you. You could also use these platforms to invite people to an open day. Give away freebies Everyone loves a freebie, and they’re an effective marketing strategy when it comes to fairs and expositions. Give away items that will be useful for students to use in their everyday school life. For example, you could give out pens, pencils, rulers and erasers with your school logo and colours on them. This way, they’re still going to be reminded of your school well after the fair has finished. Follow the tips in this guide and you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd when you promote your school at a fair.