We must get children moving more to boost mental wellbeing

A class exercises: We must get children moving more to boost mental wellbeing

For too long, the system has treated physical and mental health as separate entities. This Children’s Mental Health Week, Imogen Buxton-Pickles, Co-Founder of ‘Netflix-style’ schools active learning and PE resource imoves, says activity needs to be a key part of the resilience toolbox we equip students with to improve their daily and life-long wellbeing. Mental […]

Why mental health support for teachers must begin in the training year

Teacher receiving mental health support

The prominence and importance of mental health provision is growing in schools – both for pupils and staff – and we are living and breathing the rhetoric around it. In order for teachers to best support children in their care, looking out for their own wellbeing is of the utmost importance, but related support for […]

How to tackle anxiety and mental health in school

Sad boy on phone - mental health issues

What can schools do about the increasing issue of anxiety and other mental health issues that many children are now suffering from? This is an important question for all schools and educators. Beverly Smalley, Education Specialist at TTS Group, looks at ways teachers can recognise the issues at hand and what they can do to […]

The importance of workshops in the school environment

Pupils taking part in mental health workshop

Workshops are extremely important in a school environment to promote pupils’ wellbeing and increase awareness of topics.  Here, Richard Fitzgerald, the head teacher at Langdon Park School, discusses how workshops are valuable for students, staff and parents as well as highlighting how workshops in the future must become proactive by nature.    Currently, in the UK, the picture of youths’ wellbeing and mental […]

Unravel – A holistic psychology service which supports pupils, school and families

The Unravel team sat around table with cake

Andrea Chatten is the Managing Director & Lead Children’s Emotional & Behavioural Psychologist at Unravel. She is also the author of The Blinks novels supporting children’s well-being. Here, she discusses the work that psychology service Unravel does with children, their teachers and their families…   How long has Unravel been practising? Unravel – a Children’s Emotional […]

Rocking Ur Teens – events for your teenage students

Rocking Ur Teens - a previous event

Founded in 2015, Rocking Ur Teens is a social enterprise that equips young people with the skills that leaders of the future need. It does this through its annual events. To date, Rocking Ur Teens has welcomed over 1,500 students and teachers at its conferences. Over the next five years, Rocking Ur Teens aims to expand […]

Over half of education professionals say work has damaged their mental health

Teacher with poor mental health

Summertime blues: Over half of education professionals say work has damaged their mental health  Are you feeling down right now? With summer drawing to a near close, a new survey from CV-Library, the UK’s leading independent job board, reveals that education professionals are feeling the effects of the upcoming seasonal change, with over half (56.9%) claiming that work is damaging their […]

How schools are tackling the impact of GCSEs on mental health

How schools are tackling the impact of GCSEs on mental health

With students approaching a new academic year and this year’s GCSE and A-level results just out, discussions have once again been turned to the level of stress that exams, particularly GCSEs, bring on young minds. With the exam intensity increasing each year, levels of stress are also on the rise. The question is whether this […]

Unique PSHE resources for mental health and safeguarding

Unique PSHE resources for mental health and safeguarding

There is now a realization by governments that schools play an important role in promoting good mental health. And there’s pressure on schools to deliver. Promoting robust mental health is now a formal part of the PSHE curriculum, yet there’s very little available to schools in terms of support and resources. Now, there are proven […]