Engage students through tailored outdoor experiences with Travelbound 

Students on Omaha Beach with Travelbound 

You know how important time in school is for your students, but have you ever considered how you can make an even greater impact beyond the school walls? Providing your students with varied learning environments away from school can be the key to reaching disengaged learners, re-motivating your students and breaking down the barriers to help even your most introverted students find a voice amongst their peers. Travelbound’s educational experiences abroad provide the platform to do just that and more. Travel abroad and there will be a million and one things you can do, which immediately and directly impacts upon students’ development positively. The journey itself is an education with new sights and smells alone acting as a gateway into different cultures, languages and traditions. What is the beauty of providing an experience like this? It doesn’t have to involve jetlag, nor does it have to break the bank. Walk along the battle-scarred beaches of Normandy and suddenly students feel transported back in time to the battles faced by soldiers and local communities. See the lights of Broadway at night and your school group may suddenly think they’re stepping into a different world in New York. Both experiences do more for the student than reinforce the lessons from D-Day or igniting a passion for performing arts as they begin to contextualise learning and be inspired to embark on a journey of lifelong learning extending far beyond their locality.  Travelbound’s Château du Molay in Normandy enable schools to build a comprehensive programme with the support of on-site teams. The facilities allow for students to develop interpersonal skills, take on lessons on independence, whilst also increasing their awareness of living cooperatively with their peers. There are also opportunities for students to utilise their language skills in both English-speaking and foreign language situations reinforcing purposeful learning and self-confidence in their ability.   “I never hesitate to book simply because I know that they consistently deliver an authentic and complete package that represents the best value on offer.” Ralph Allen School Planning an educational or ski trip abroad is made easier with school travel experts on hand to support teachers every step of the way. With over 30 years’ experience in organising extended learning opportunities abroad, Travelbound have the expertise and backing of the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC), ABTA and ATOL to make booking your trip a seamless experience for you and your students.  

Getting Cosy in the Great Outdoors

Cosy Corner Reading Corner

Learning in the great outdoors, we know, is a great benefit to children – but it is sometimes easier said than done. Creating that outdoor space which provides both freedom to play and opportunities to learn can be a tricky task. The space needs to feel natural yet flow, give children options to choose what they do and still provide that element of awe, wonder and risk – that’s no mean feat.  Fear not! Here at Cosy we understand what it takes to make an outdoor space special – having spent many an hour working with schools, nurseries, practitioners and trainers -working out what works, we can guide you to the resources which support an outdoor learning environment. No matter what space you have available outside we can help you to make the most of it and provide children with natural resources which enhance their experiences and encourage curiosity and exploration.   Our sheds, shelters and playhouses are all made from natural materials and are fully treated – they are the perfect solution to provide specific areas or zones which encourage learning in the areas you require – why not take a seat, choose and book and share a story with a friend in our Outdoor Reading Corner.   If you’re looking for something a little more compact then our Shedlets enable you to create outdoor themed areas where children can self-select resources. Choose how you fill them up and change the themes/contents to suit your topics and provide children with multiple learning opportunities.  Let’s not forget the importance of physical development and keeping children active. Climbing, carrying, balancing and risk taking are all crucial for a child’s physical and mental development and there’s no need to blow the budget. This Loose Parts Obstacle Course allows children to build their own trim trail – the joy of building the course is as much fun as using it – and children can develop new configurations every day!  Putting the great into the great outdoors is what we try and do here at Cosy. We strive to use sustainable materials to create resources that complement the natural environment. We know budgets are tight and our key aim to ensure children have the access they deserve to resources that enhance their learning and their lives and that don’t cost the earth (in more ways than one!). Find all our resources at www.cosydirect.com.