Wearing Lanyards to Keep Staff & Students Safe is Imperative

Students wearing lanyards

What is a Lanyard and why do we wear them? The simplest answer is that in business we need cost effective items to keep us safe, that can be worn by all and meets necessary safety criteria for every school/workplace environment. Lanyards are typically worn around the neck and have a clip to attach a security pass or some form of identification to indicate the wearer belongs to the organisation or has a specific role to play within the workplace. Lanyards are available in several styles of fabric, therefore choosing the right fabric largely depends on the print required.  Let me give you a few examples: Flat Polyester Lanyards |These are typically used for companies who are happy to have just a name in text and they can have simple logos in 1 – 3 spot colours where the colours are not touching. Full Colour Lanyards|This style of lanyard is a silky fabric which starts off white it has a special coating to accept inks.  The design is printed onto paper and is then heat pressed (transferred) on to the material.  This is a great method where complicated logos with tones and tints are required and we can even print photographic images right to the edges of the lanyard. Tubular |These lanyards are made of a softer feel fabric and as the name suggests it is a small tube made from a knitted fabric, like the flat polyester it is suitable for uncomplicated designs up to 3 spot colours. Nylon |If longevity is your thing then nylon is a great comfortable lanyard with a lovely sheen to the fabric and suitable for spot colour printing.  In each of the above lanyards, pantone matching is  an option when stock shades are not near enough. Woven |Lanyards that are woven offer the highest of standards, they are robust and have a truly bespoke feel to them, therefore we would advise choosing woven when looking for something extra special – but please keep the design simple as jacquard weaving does have some limitations.     Our dedicated website www.justlanyards.co.uk covers all the above styles and our online design tool allows customers the flexibility to design lanyards and choose all the fittings right through to the checkout.  For those who would rather let us deal with the design elements, we are just a phone call (01257 483587) or email away info@justlanyards.co.uk– and without obligation.  Just Lanyards have a wealth of customers, including the NHS, Amazon, Morrisons, Ferrari and hundreds of Schools ‘too many to name’ so we are well equipped to provide lanyards for any Occasion, School or Company. As a Company Gifts 2 Impress Ltd have been trading for over 18 years, we have a wealth of knowledge regarding the promotional products industry and specialise in items for schools such as leavers gifts, book bags, sports bottles and much more.  Our dedicated educational website, www.ptapitstop.co.uk has an array of goods to choose from, and our Gifts 2 Impress website can be viewed at www.gifts2impress.co.uk for all other items, having said that if you need us to source a product for an anniversary, special event or everyday advertising our friendly staff will help once you give us the vital brief.