Clearing 2021: advice students hoping to secure Plan B

Exam results day - girl clearing on computer

This time of year can be very stressful for students as they await their hotly anticipated exam results. After a much-maligned academic year, this summer, students have the dreaded wait to find out if they have secured their spots at their educational institution of choice. If you’re in this position, the best advice right now […]

Exam stress in students – how to plan for success

Murray Morrison – founder of the Tassomai app, on reducing exam stress

Revision expert and founder of the Tassomai learning program, Murray Morrison has helped thousands of students to prepare for exams. Here he explains how managing stress is the key to success. If you can spot the signs early, then there’s time to make the difference… The underlying theme of nearly every revision session I taught […]

Primary school children almost as stressed over exams as GCSE pupils

GCSE pupils sitting exams

A third of primary school parents say exams are making their children stressed, according to a new study looking into the pressure pupils are put under during their school years. New research by home education provider Oxford Home Schooling reveals that even primary school children are being strained by the prospect of their academic performance. […]

New report warns of damaging accountability system for schools

New report warns of damaging accountability system for schools

A former Number 10 adviser and education chief at the RSA has warned that English schools are being damaged by common practices that are of little value to students. The Ideal School Exhibition is an essay penned by Julian Astle, which reveals that schools are dicing with students’ futures by scrambling to achieve the best […]