CLOSED – Teach school children the importance of handwashing (competition)

A Germ's Journey poster on wall

A book created to actually show young school children the bacteria which lurks on their hands is helping to visually reinforce the important hygiene message of handwashing. The book, A Germ’s Journey, is the brainchild of microbiologist Dr Katie Laird and education expert Dr Sarah Younie of De Montfort University Leicester (DMU). As parents themselves they knew the importanceof handwashing […]

Educating children on the importance of handwashing

Experienced teachers will know the vital importance of handwashing in school. You only have to witness the lightning speed with which a stomach bug can sweep through a school for the message to hit home.   Establishing good handwashing habits as a child doesn’t just keep our children healthier, it ensures the next generation of […]