Changing attitudes to edtech 

edtech - the Siemens biology app in use with pupils

Siemens UK Schools and Education Manager, Brenda Yearsley, on changing attitudes to edtech through providing meaningful e-learning tools…  Many parents, teachers and carers are worried that smartphone and tablet use is blocking their children’s career prospects…. what if the use of technology is actually a gateway to life-long learning? I would say that the methodology of […]

5 reasons e-learning is a great option for introverted students

Livia Bran, from e-learning platform Cypher Learning

Livia Bran at Cypher Learning discusses why e-learning is a great option for introverted students… There are many things introversion is confused with. In a world that seems to have been designed based on extrovert ideals, introverted people get tags like shy, aloof, uninterested or anti-social. Even introverts have a hard time understanding themselves, and this […]