Is your school play equipment a climate change winner?

school play equipment - recycling fights climate change

Hardly a day goes by nowadays without the issue of climate change being mentioned on the news, backed up by disturbing scenes of the first obvious manifestations of global warming and its devastating effects upon the planet. Raging bush fires in Australia and severe flooding in Indonesia are but just two recent examples. International high […]

STEM event set to launch competition to stop plastic pollution

STEM competition focuses on climate change

The British International Education Association (BIEA) is proud to host its second annual international Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) conference on 15 January 2020. Focusing on the theme of plastic pollution and how to combat the global issue, the conference will convene a series of expert speakers and panellists who will discuss how technology […]

Climate change – through the eyes of our school children

School children protesting illustration

Our younger generation is now more aware of the world’s environmental issues than ever before – especially around the subject of climate change and the effects of global warming on our planet. Greta Thunberg brought the issue even more to the forefront of their minds, leading the revolution when she walked out of school and organised a strike to […]