The knock-on effect of Brexit on career opportunities

The knock-on effect of Brexit on career opportunities - Careermap's Sharon Walpole

With the once distant idea of Brexit fast becoming a reality, concerns over the future of the current labour market have grown. For young people, the impact on the job market presents a lot to be worried about, particularly with the threat of large firms moving their offices to Europe. Giving rise to the gig […]

Advice for students after receiving their GCSE results

Sharon Walpole, Director at Careermap, on what do do after receiving GCSE results

Deciding what you want to do after your GCSE results can be a tough choice, and you might not even know what career path you want to head down just yet, so making decisions on A Levels and further education can be hugely overwhelming. The key is to keep your options open and throw yourself […]

Career advice for pupils interested in animal care

career advice for animal care

Offering career advice in diverse subjects is not an easy task – particularly in a field as specialised as animal care. We all know you have to be a big animal lover to do the job but this isn’t the only factor – there are many fields of knowledge which pupils may not have considered that […]