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Power Maths – The Pearson’s maths mastery resource

Power Maths Key Stage 1 and 2, the whole-class maths mastery programme from leading learning company Pearson, are both on the list of DfE expert panel recommended textbooks supporting teaching maths in England.

Inspired by best-practice from around the world, Power Maths Key Stage 1 and 2 are the only mastery programme fully aligned to White Rose Maths progressions and schemes of learning. It has been written to comprehensively deliver the National Curriculum for KS1 & KS2 Mathematics, drawing on what works in UK classrooms to support every child’s journey to deeper maths understanding. 

The Power Maths Key Stage 1 & 2 textbooks, practice books and teacher guides are only the second set of resources to be officially certified as delivering a full mastery approach since Nick Gibb, the former School’s Minister, announced in 2016 that the mastery approach to maths commonly adopted in South East Asia, is set to become a standard fixture in England’s primary schools. 

Both Power Maths 1 & 2 are available for match fundingTwo boys in blue jumpers using Power Maths mastery resource

Following their recommendation by an expert panel, the Power Maths Key Stage 1 & 2 resources will now be available for match funding as part of the Teaching for Mastery programme. Through this programme, the DfE is providing up to £2,000 match funding for selected schools* to invest in high-quality maths mastery resources. 

Tony Staneff, leader of the mastery team at White Rose Maths and Professor Jian Liu, who developed one of the most popular maths textbook programmes in China used by over 20 million children, are among the world-class experts and authors that produced the Pearson resources. 

In a bid to break the mould of traditional teaching and learning, Power Maths Key Stage 1 & 2 follow an exciting growth mindset and problem-solving approach where all children are empowered to succeed by working hard and progress together as a whole class by tackling the same concepts, at the same time. 

This approach combines fully embedded and ongoing professional development helping teachers to develop their own subject knowledge and pedagogical practice, with high-quality and immersive textbooks and interactive digital resources supporting teachers to successfully achieve deeper learning and understanding for every child.

Sharon Hague, Senior Vice President, Schools, Pearson, said: “Following a rigorous approval process by the DfE’s expert panel, we are delighted that Power Maths Key Stage 1 & 2 have joined the list of recommended textbooks supporting the mastery approach. 

“We want to make every child a master of maths and we are dedicated to improving the confidence of teachers and children so this becomes a reality for all children. Power Maths Key Stage 1 & 2 are designed to spark a curiosity and excitement for maths learning, and equip children with the deep knowledge and skills they need on their maths mastery journey.”

Speaking about the impact that Power Maths Key Stage 1 has had in their school in a review, John Dabell, primary teacher, trained Ofsted inspector and Teach Primary reviewer, said:

“When schools teach healthy growth mindset mathematics, the outcome is that maths becomes deeper and is filled with more connections, so children enjoy it more and achieve at higher levels. This is the thinking behind Power Maths Key Stage 1, a mastery inspired programme fuelled by a positive ‘I can’ attitude.

“Power Maths Key Stage 1 includes intellectually demanding and knowledge-rich resources with world-class content, ideas and support that combine powerfully to reduce workload. Power Maths Key Stage 1 impresses because it doesn’t dilute to taste. It is deliberately consistent and laser-sharp in its focus so that key vocabulary is learnt head-on, backed up with clear explanations.”

Is Power Maths right for my school?

  • A world-class and unique mastery teaching model created by leading educational experts from the UK and China.
  • An exciting growth mindset and problem-solving approach helps spark curiosity and excitement for maths and equips children with deeper understanding.
  • Developed alongside a group of teachers to ensure Power Maths meets all the specific needs of children in the UK.
  • An enriched approach that cleverly combines interactive teaching tools, rich and quality textbooks and on-going professional development.
  • Affordable and flexible packages to suit your needs and budget – no extortionate adoption (or ongoing) costs.
  • New Power Maths progress tests – written by primary assessment experts
  • Perfectly aligned to the White Rose Maths progressions and schemes of learning, and recommended by the DfE.*

For more information on Power Maths Key Stage 1, please visit: www.pearsonprimary.co.uk/powermathsmastery 

For further information on the list of recommended textbooks supporting teaching for mastery in maths, visit: mathshubs.org.uk

About Pearson 

•    Pearson is the world’s learning company, with expertise in educational courseware and assessment, and a range of teaching and learning services powered by technology
•    Our mission is to help people make progress through access to better learning. We believe that learning opens up opportunities, creating fulfilling careers and better lives
•    For more information, visit pearson.com or follow @pearson

* These schools are participating in the Maths Hubs projects (Work Groups) led by Mastery Specialist teachers.

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