A Stockroom Clean-Up Checklist for Retailers

In the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, it can be exceptionally difficult to keep a stockroom clean and organised. The resulting chaos too often takes its toll on productivity and motivation. 

At Action Storage, we’ve almost 30 years’ experience helping retailers craft and reorganise their storage space, so we thought we’d share our checklist for tackling an unruly stockroom:

1. Discard old or obsolete items

Tamlite LED lighting set to deliver savings at schools

Tamlite LED lighting set to deliver savings at North Yorkshire County Council schools

Low-energy LED recessed modular panels have been specified at four schools operated by GFM. The trend for schools, colleges and universities to replace poor efficiency legacy lighting systems with cost-effective LED fixtures is now well-established – thanks in no small part to the innovative technology that Tamlite Lighting has been able to deliver to the educational community.

In its latest high-profile project the company has supplied well over 300 MODLED™ low energy LED recessed modular panels to four North Yorkshire County Council schools in order to boost the standard of lighting output and reduce energy and maintenance expenses.

Automated Gate Solutions Limited

Automated Gate Solutions Hampsire

Automated Gate Solutions Limited, based in Hampshire, have over 16 years’ experience in the specification, installation and maintenance of all types of electric gate systems.  Our engineers have installed systems at some of the country’s most prestigious properties and with our un-paralleled office support staff, we are uniquely placed to provide a cost effective, personal service to all our clients.