SATs prep goes digital: primary schools get ready with discovery education espresso


Primary schools across the UK are using an award-winning digital learning service to get pupils ready for next week’s SATs tests. 


Discovery Education Espresso is helping thousands of teachers by providing dynamic online resources which keep children engaged and make revision fun.


Maintaining a love of learning can be a challenge as assessments approach, but the appeal of technology keeps lessons exciting, igniting pupil interest and boosting attainment. 


Primary school secures OFSTED using latest QA technology

Toni Hilton

A PRIMARY school is benefitting from an online quality assurance tool-kit as it secures another strong Ofsted performance.


Bill Quay Primary School in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, caters for more than 100 four – 11 year old children, who are supported by currently 40 teaching and support staff delivering a broad curriculum. 


However, in the same way that thousands of other schools and education facilities are regularly inspected, Bill Quay faces Ofsted to ensure its achieving a high standard of teaching provision with the results published on the inspectors’ website. 


“Make mental health education compulsory”

92% of teenagers think mental health should be discussed in lessons at school

An overwhelming majority of British teenagers think mental health should be discussed in lessons at school, according to a new survey. Yet mental health education is not compulsory in schools.


More than 85,000 people have signed a petition calling on the government to make mental health education compulsory in schools, which needs to receive 100,000 signatures for it to be considered for debate in Parliament.


Due to the snap General Election, the deadline to secure 100,000 signatures has been brought forward to Wednesday 3rd May. The petition has been signed and shared by:


Lancaster University collaborates with FutureLearn to accommodate dyslexic students in foreign language classrooms

dyslexic student

The course on ‘Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching’ is open now


According to the national charity, Dyslexia Action, dyslexia affects approximately 10% of the UK population, yet 74% of teachers surveyed by the charity stated that they did not feel satisfied that their initial teacher training provided them with the skills they need to identify and teach children with dyslexia.

UK Trails Europe for School Holidays – But Are More on the Way?

School Holidays map

Following the announcement of a snap election, Jeremy Corbyn has announced that Labour would seek to create four new bank holidays on the days that celebrate the patron saint of each UK country. These days are:

1st March (St. David’s Day)
17th March (St. Patrick’s Day)
23rd April (St. George’s Day)
30th November (St. Andrew’s Day)

Schools sign up for global movement to learn outdoors

Schools sign up for global movement to learn outdoors

Up to half a million children to learn outside on Outdoor Classroom Day on May 18th 2017
School children across the UK will join thousands of other schools all over the world to celebrate Outdoor Classroom Day- a global initiative that encourages teachers to take lessons outside.  
Outdoor Classroom Day will be celebrated across the world in as many as 52 countries on May 18th 2017, with the aim of getting over half a million children learning and playing outside of their classroom.
The initiative is being led globally by Project Dirt with the help of the charity Learning through Landscapes, that will lead the campaign in the UK & ROI.

How to raise funds for school outdoor classrooms and shelters

How to raise funds for school outdoor classrooms and shelters

We are all aware nowadays that funding in schools is tight with budgets being ever more tightly reigned in. But schools do still require products and buildings which promote outdoor learning in the playground (especially with the growing popularity of the forest schools initiative) so how is a school supposed to fund these items when budgets are going in the opposite direction?

At the Hideout House Company, we have built up many years of experience of working successfully with schools in helping them access the necessary funds to pay for our products and services so below is a precis of how your school best goes about this.

Benefits of Outdoor Play

Benefits of Outdoor Play

As the summer months approach, it is the perfect time to get outdoors and be active.  Playing outdoors and being active is extremely important for early year’s children. Only 21% of boys and 16% of girls aged 5-15 are achieving the recommended daily levels of physical activity.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine reported findings of a study which demonstrated that the interest in exercise wanes during childhood, around the ages of six. It is therefore vitally important for children to engage in play from an early age. Playing outdoors and being active, not only builds physical development but it also provides a gateway to other forms of exercise.    


Liverpool Council Offers Free Access To European Taekwon-Do Championships

Liverpool Council Offers Free Access To European Taekwon-Do Championships

Two hundred lucky school children will get a chance to see international masters in action at the ITF European Taekwon-Do Championships 2017, taking place at the Echo Arena between 26th- 30th April 2017.

ITF England Taekwon-Do and the Council have been collaborating with Liverpool schools for the past couple of months, as part of the drive to get Liverpool active with its “Fit for Me " initiative, which aims to improve the health of Liverpudlians of all ages and inspire them to become active.  Taekwon-Do instructors have been visiting schools on a weekly basis and giving lessons to pupils of all age groups.

Smarter Surfaces has made its mark at Milan Design Week 2017

Smarter Surfaces has made its mark at Milan Design Week 2017

Smarter Surfaces has made its mark at Milan Design Week 2017 and attracted the attention of one of Italy’s biggest publications.

Recently returned from exhibiting at Salone Del Mobile, one of the top furniture shows in the world, Smarter Surfaces stood out from the crowd and was spotted by and featured in top Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera.

Salone Del Mobile features thousands of innovative and exciting exhibitors but journalists at Corriere Della Sera singled out Smarter Surfaces products as standing out from the rest  commenting "Walls are usually dead. They become alive with Smarter Surfaces products.”


Schools Gather At National Digital Storytelling Day

Schools Gather At National Digital Storytelling Day

Teachers from schools across the UK gathered at Knebworth House in Hertfordshire last week to mark the start of National Share-a-Story Month.

Hosted by Discovery Education on 18th April, the Digital Storytelling Day showcased the very latest tools and ideas for using ed-tech in literacy, helping teachers to nurture a love of stories in every child.

Taking advantage of Knebworth’s famous dinosaur trail, teachers took part in a prehistoric QR coded treasure hunt, and learned how the bar-code technology can be used in literacy lessons.


Sparks Set To Fly At Lincoln Cathedral

Sparks Set To Fly At Lincoln Cathedral

The countdown is on for this year’s three-day Spark engineering festival which is set to fire-up the imagination of young people across the region.


The event is taking place from 5-7 May at Lincoln Cathedral will bring engineering to life through interactive exhibits and celebrate Lincolnshire’s engineering past, present and future.


As part of the run-up to the event, people are being asked to tweet their favourite Lincoln-based engineer or inventor – whether it’s a historic figure, such as Frank Whittle who invented the jet engine, or someone’s friend or relative who has encouraged them to take an interest in engineering.


More than a quarter of Brits left school without any career advice

More than a quarter of Brits left school without any careers advice

More than a quarter of British students left secondary school without any careers advice, a recent study reports. 

The YouGov survey of more than 2,000 adults, which was commissioned by Oxford Open Learning Trust, and career change advice tool The Profession Picker, looked into the advice Brits received at school and how they felt about choosing their future career.

According to the results, only three out of 10 adults knew the career they wanted pursue after leaving secondary school and more than one in 10 (12%) felt that they chose their career pathway too young. 

The study also shows that just under a quarter (24%) of workers currently in a career say that this is what they thought they would end up doing when they left secondary school. 

AMR Consult Lights Up Schools With FortisDay

AMR Consult Lights Up Schools With FortisDay

LED specialist FortisDay is the preferred supplier to AMR Consult, to ensure more schools can benefit from maximum energy savings and guarantee the most technologically advanced lighting for educational facilities.

UK-wide specialist services firm, AMR Consult works with clients offering a broad range of technical advice and project and programme management services.

With education being an important sector to help improve learning environments across the UK, AMR Consult sourced FortisDay, whose SmartiLumin range of recessed luminaires offers as close to natural daylight as possible, to ensure schools gain maximum benefit from upgrading to LED lighting.