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Economic Research Council offers free Econ Club access to all Sixth Forms

The Economic Council (ERC) has announced that it is opening up its ‘Econ Club’ program to all schools in the UK.

The bespoke ‘Econ Club’ program has been developed over the past year as a dedicated space for in-depth economic discussion and learning in a bid to serve as a transformative educational platform for sixth form pupils.

The ERC – the UK’s oldest economic focused think tank – said its objective was not just to supplement education but to become an indispensable part of it, driving real, meaningful change.

It has now confirmed that it is excited to be able to offer this for free to all sixth forms across the UK.

Founded in the 1930s, the ERC’s mission is to make economic knowledge accessible, fostering understanding and informed decision-making.

6th form Economics pupils are being invited to join a scheme from the Economic Research Council. Image: iStock.com

The ERC’s dedication towards economic education, dialogue promotion, and the inclusion of diverse perspectives, creates opportunities for active participation in economic conversations.

The ERC’s goal to improving the life chances of children and young people through economic education is manifested in their diverse activities focusing on economic literacy.

The ERC forges connections with schools and universities, offering real-world work experience, and sharing their research and policy studies with the world.

These initiatives cultivate a deeper understanding of economics across different age groups and backgrounds.

David Dike, Programme Director, ERC, commented: “The Econ Club is more than just an educational supplement; it’s an enriching experience that opens new doors for students from all walks of life.

By breaking down economic barriers to access, we’re investing in a more equitable future where young people across the UK can make better-informed decisions.

Whether it’s understanding the complexities of monetary policy or diving into pressing topics like climate change, we’re equipping the next generation to be thoughtful contributors to our world’s economy.”

The Econ Club programme provides unparalleled access to the country’s greatest economic minds with former speakers including Sir Vince Cable, Dame Margaret Hodge, Ehsan Masood, Rain Newton-Smith, Sir Charles Bean and Ben Gardiner.

This access enables the ERC to offer diverse perspectives, promoting a pluralistic understanding of economics that goes beyond traditional classroom teachings.

Students exposed to these ideas gain a more nuanced, real-world understanding of economic theories and practices.

Umar Ba, UCL Academy: “The Econ Club programme allows teachers to provide opportunities for students to see real-life, up-to- date application of theory and policy being used to solve different issues.

It has potential to be high impact and low input from the practitioner’s perspective.”

The need for the Econ Club is immediate and vital in today’s complex economic landscape. Economics teachers work incredibly hard up and down the country ensuring their students are not only prepared for their A-level examinations, but for life ahead.

Traditional curricula often does not cover the practical complexities and real-world implications of economics, leaving a gap in students’ understanding.

The Econ Club fills this gap by offering targeted events for 6th form students, going beyond textbooks to delve into current events, nuanced theories, and critical evaluations of economic paradigms.

More than just a supplement, the program serves as an extension of classroom learning, providing students the chance to interact with professionals in the field.

In a world where financial literacy is crucial, the Econ Club stands as an essential educational resource. It not only equips students with valuable knowledge but also empowers them to be informed, active citizens.

To find out more head to the ERC website https://ercouncil.org/ and to sign up for free please contact the Economic Research Council info@ercouncil.org

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