The second Share a Pencil Day takes place on 23rd May 2018 to raise awareness for the 124 million children globally* who do not have access to an education.  

On Share A Pencil Day 2018, thousands of pupils in classrooms throughout the UK will share one pencil between two students to experience what life is like for children who cannot go to school or have to share the basic tools for learning like a pen or a pencil. 

Backed up with lesson plans, videos and posters, pupils will learn the importance of education and how, for many children living in zones of conflict, turmoil or poverty, even the simplest tools for learning are a luxury they cannot afford. 

Share A Pencil DayEvan Lewis, the founder of Hope, the organisation behind Share a Pencil Day, said:

“By helping children understand that access to an education is not a given for all, we will hopefully give them a desire to see change. Many children who took part last year were simply unaware that some children didn’t even have a pencil. This is a fun, interactive way for children to learn an important lesson about the world around them. We want to raise awareness of this issue, as awareness is the first step to making change happen.”

Last year over 25,000 UK school children took part in Share A Pencil Day, and the aim this year is to reach more than 100,000 pupils across the country.  

The day ties into the aims of World’s Largest Lesson which supports the UN’s campaign to introduce children and young people to sustainable development goals and unite them in action. Share a Pencil Day is also being promoted by The Church of England Education Office and the Catholic Education Service to encourage their schools to take part and as a result will be the biggest event of its kind in the UK.

Share A Pencil Day is most suited to children in years 5 to 10, but anyone can take part. Once teachers have registered their interest via they can access a host of resources to help them plan their Share a Pencil Day activities.

Schools can use their own pencils or have the option to purchase special Share a Pencil Day 2018 pencils. £1 from each pack goes to support some of Plan International’s children’s education projects around the globe, including teaching Syrian child refugees in camps in Egypt and training female teachers in Sierra Leone.

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