The Schools & Academies Show 2024: Plan. Procure. Prosper.

The Schools & Academies Show 2024

The Schools & Academies Show 2024 provides the education community with a one-stop shop of everything they need to further strengthen their strategic business and school improvement plans for a lasting impact. Join thousands of educators on 1st May 2024 at ExCeL London, for over 30 hours of CPD accredited content and access to 150+ education suppliers offering incredible solutions. Every year, 3000 visitors from Schools, Academies, MATs, Local Authorities, Central Government and the wider education sector, who are all looking to strategic business and school improvement plans for improved staff and pupil outcomes. New for 2024, we have introduced three co-located events (EdTech Innovate, The SEND Conference & The School Estates Summit), providing you access to endless opportunities to network with your peers and build relationships with top education suppliers all under one roof. You can also look forward to policy updates, valuable resources, practical support and high-quality sessions in our CPD accredited theatres, focused on a variety of trending topics, from EdTech to Business & Finance, providing you with the ultimate toolkit to support your role & organisation. We have invited a stellar line-up of industry-leading speakers to share their invaluable experience, sector updates, best practice insights and inspirations, ensuring visitors leave feeling empowered with new processes, strategies and solutions to navigate their current challenges, drive school improvements and ultimately provide better outcomes for their pupils. This must-attend event is designed to empower you with new processes, innovative technologies and practical solutions. Gain key insights in driving efficiency, making cost savings, and enhancing your school performance to improve the outcomes of all pupils. Don’t miss out on what is gearing up to be another unmissable show and register for free today. View the full show agenda here: Register for FREE today here.

ZEROplus Announce New Addition to Finger Protection Range 

Zeroplus finger protection

Leading door hardware supplier, ZEROplus has recently added a new finger protection product to their finger protection range. Along with the popular Finprotect Plus, which fits to the hinge side of doors, ZEROplus now supplies a patented anti-slam device that prevents fingers from being crushed in the closing side of a door.   The Salvadita anti-slam safety system stops a door from slamming shut when force is used. Ideal for use in nurseries, schools, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and any public building, it protects against potential painful crushing when hands and fingers are placed between the door and frame.   According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), a staggering 30,000 people trap and seriously crush their fingers in doors every year. And many of these people, particularly children, will require surgery.  Mark Lockley, Managing Director of ZEROplus, explains:    ‘Painful finger-trapping accidents are far more common than you might think, and serious finger-crushing accidents can happen to anyone. To eliminate potential risk, a finger protection guard should be fitted to the hanging side of a door, along with an anti-slam device to prevent the door from slamming shut. Particularly in public buildings such as residential homes, schools, nurseries, leisure centres and libraries, finger guards and anti-slam devices are essential to prevent painful finger injuries.’   The Salvadita anti-slam safety device is used on internal doors and is quick and easy to install, protecting hands and fingers year after year. The device fits to the top of the door frame and only activates when a door is closed with extreme force. On normal closing, the Salvadita safety system won’t engage, allowing the door to close normally and without interruption. The durable anti-slam device is suitable for use on aluminium, metal, PVC and wooden door sets, preventing painful crushing accidents when hands or fingers are placed between the door and frame.  Mark continues: ‘The patented finger protection safety system has passed numerous durability and admissibility tests, and we’re proud to be the sole UK distributor of this excellent safety product. Of course, unsuitable for doors fitted with a door closer and fire or emergency exit doors, as the device could stop the door from closing, the Salvadita is an ideal safety device for internal doors in any public building, especially those that cater to vulnerable people, children or buildings that are particularly busy.’  To learn more about the Salvadita anti-slam device and other finger protection products from ZEROplus, please visit or call 01785 282 910.  

The Schools & Academies Show 2024: Mapping the Future of Your School

The Schools and Academies Show

#SAASHOW, known as the Schools & Academies Show returns to London with an Exciting New Chapter! As the education sector gears up to embrace new challenges in 2024, the Schools & Academies Show is set to make its highly anticipated return to ExCeL London on the 1st of May, presenting not just one, but three co-located events. This event provides a pivotal platform where the education community can collaboratively prepare for the dynamic changes ahead. Introducing EdTech Innovate, The School Estates Summit, and The SEND Conference. Each co-located event opens doors to fresh opportunities, enabling visitors to connect and collaborate in a larger exhibition space with leading education suppliers. These suppliers empower school leaders to enhance school performance and elevate outcomes for all pupils. The #SAAShow team have been working hard to bring together the sector’s most decorated and influential speakers to share their knowledge, expertise, and best practice guidance on how schools, academies and MATs can overcome some of the most pressing challenges facing the sector.Each speaker, dedicated to their respected craft across the education sector will lead in either a keynote session, live debate or discussion, or tailored workshop, ensuring visitors feel empowered, inspired, and ready to implement key techniques, guidance, and resources at the forefront of their institution. With a keen focus on the evolving educational landscape, staff recruitment and retention, budget balancing, stakeholder engagement, and more, we’ve diligently worked to ensure our show covers the most pressing issues currently facing schools. Don’t miss out on the chance to join us for what promises to be our most impactful show yet.  Register FREE today to join thousands school and MAT leaders looking to learn and find the best solutions to better their teaching and learning outcomes. Be part of this transformative experience shaping the future of education! Register to attend here: Visit our website here for more information:

ZEROplus Announce Successful New Fire Testing for their Entire Finprotect Plus Range 

Zeroplus fire-rated finger protection

Leading door hardware supplier, ZEROplus have recently achieved BS EN 1634-1:2014 for their entire Finprotect Plus range. The new fire rating for the Finprotect Plus finger protection strips means they successfully provide an impressive fire integrity of up to 240 minutes on previously tested steel-based doorsets and up to 120 minutes on timber-based doorsets. And the entire range provides fire protection regardless of the exposure direction.  According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), a staggering 30,000 people trap and seriously crush their fingers in doors every year. And many of these people, particularly children, will require surgery.  Mark Lockley, Managing Director of ZEROplus, explains:  “Painful finger-trapping accidents are far more common than you might think. “Although many of these incidents happen in environments catering to children, older people and those with special needs, a serious finger-crushing accident can happen to anyone. And every door presents a potential risk. “To eliminate this risk, finger protection strips should be fitted to the hanging side of doors. Particularly in public buildings such as residential homes, schools, nurseries, leisure centres and libraries, having finger protection strips fitted to doors is essential to prevent painful finger injuries.” The Finprotect Plus range of door finger protection strips are quick and easy to install and will continue to prevent injury year after year. They’ll help you meet your building’s health and safety requirements, avoid severe injuries and protect employees, residents and visitors. And as the complete Finprotect Plus range is now fire-rated to BS EN 1634-1:2014, they can also be installed on fire-rated doors.   Mark continues:  “As with any hardware fitted to a fire door, finger protection strips must be as fire-rated as the door. To comply with current fire safety regulations, any finger protection strips installed should have undergone independent third-party testing to standards such as BS EN 1634-1:2014. This European standard ensures that your finger protection guards meet the required fire resistance level.” Along with their impressive fire rating, the Finprotect Plus range is fully tested to class 2 of BS 8613:2017, meaning the finger protection strips successfully prevent fingers from entering the gap between the doors and frame when force is used. Tested to one million cycles, the Finprotect Plus range is available in three different profiles to suit hinged doors and double action doors on floor springs, suits both internal and external doors and has a totally concealed fixing.  To learn more about Finprotect Plus and the extensive range of fire-rated door hardware products from ZEROplus, please visit or call 01785 282 910. 

A comprehensive range of door fingerguards & safety products

Stormflame has been online since 2001, selling quality fingerguards & safety products. Shop for a wide selection of door finger guards & safety products ideal for schools, nurseries & other properties. Stormflame sell a full range of finger guards plus some safety products often bought together by schools, hospitals and nurseries. To order, and subject to volumes, we can supply infection control versions or provide RAL colour matching of some guard models. For lower risk and lower traffic doors we have budget priced finger guards through to heavier duty models. We have finger guards designed for automated doors – including a frameless glass door finger guard and a washable, ruggedised one for sterile environments also suitable for external use. We also offer two different all-alloy construction finger protectors. We also stock rear hinge guards to cover the smaller gap at the rear of the door. Fingerkeeper Commercial Front Stop finger trapping accidents by totally covering the gap that is created on the hinge side of a door, in the open position. Ideal for use in Schools, Day Care Centres, Nurseries, hospitals, or any internal doors that create risk to the Public. The device is fully recyclable at end of life and available in a range of colours. Fingerkeeper Industrial TPV A heavy-duty finger-pinch protection device (anti-finger-trapping hinge guard). Manufactured from a TPV material fitted in an Anodised Aluminium carrier, that is supplied with self-drilling screws and 2 x push-in screw concealing strips to match. The device is designed for demanding commercial & industrial environments. For use with interior or exterior timber or metal doors and also suitable for automatic doors. Finger Defender RP (Roller Type Finger Guard) A high quality finger guard with resilient blind. When the door opens the roller blind extends to prevent fingers entering the cavity formed between the edge of the door and door frame. A hard wearing synthetic fibre fabric which is mountable, removable, washable and also fire retardant B1 treated. Fingerkeeper Protect Rear Prevent finger trapping accidents by totally covering the gap that is created on the rear hinge side of a door when it is in the open position. This device can be fitted to most types of doors including wood, metal and uPVC. Used in conjunction with FingerKeeper Commercial Front, which covers the front hinges, the risk of finger trapping accidents on the hinge edge of the door is eliminated. Available in different colours to match existing décor. Shop for all of our Front and Rear finger guards: Shop for all our safety products: Download our fingerguard and safety brochure: Visit the Stormflame Shop or alternatively get in touch with us: Shop Online: | Email: | Telephone: 01329 841416

Countering rising food costs through management of food offerings

Katrina Lane from almanhall

How catering teams demonstrated agility and creativity when it came to food service delivery during the pandemic was truly commendable. However, catering operations continue to face a staffing crisis leaving many teams struggling to find enough chefs and expertise to make low-cost, flexible menus. This is in addition to the food inflation crisis with the cost of food undeniably increasing and likely to continue.   As foodservice operators look for solutions to handle these issues, Katrina Lane, Senior Relationship Manager at allmanhall offers advice through the management of food offerings. A starting point is an accurate costing model that provides a comprehensive understanding of all the contributing costs across the catering operation. Full visibility of the fixed and especially variable (controllable) costs is essential. The commercial, profit driven catering model focusing on ‘percentage margins’ is a mindset that an increasing number of consumption based, in-house institutional caterers are turning to. Keeping track of this data, and nimbly controlling variable costs whilst also battling increasing food prices can protect the foodservice operation from excessive spending on ingredients, labour, and energy costs. Costing menus Having the flexibility to review and adapt menus quickly, utilising a range of alternative ingredients will help alleviate the rising prices and ensure the production of cost viable dishes whilst still producing high quality and nutritional menus. A review of every ingredient in a recipe, to establish the total cost and yield of each dish, will allow strategic purchasing with the resulting financial benefits. As an example, will the yield of a fish pie be affected if the salmon content is reduced for more haddock or swapped to frozen fish, or less cream is used and more milk?   It is evident that price surges have caused even staple meat products such as minced beef to rise in price significantly, causing some caterers to completely remove beef from their menus, substituting with less expensive cuts of meat such as lamb neck and chicken thighs. But even these are being served less often. Switches are being made to plant-based recipes, with the benefits being lower cost, health, and environmental. With a longer shelf life this shift also helps with food waste reduction, vital to ensure food spend is efficient. Caterers need information about which products are stable and which are volatile when it comes to price movement. Using a greater proportion of stable products in menus will make it easier to manage and predict the impact of rising prices. Typically, stable products are negotiated annually (e.g. solid pack apples). Whereas volatile products fluctuate more frequently (e.g. butter, bacon etc). With so much uncertainty regarding food prices, now may be the time to ensure a good stock of stable products to offset any further price rises or product shortage Increase in-house production Purchasing ready prepared chopped fruit and vegetables, stocks and readymade sauces clearly costs more. Savings will be made by increasing the level of in-house preparation. However, a cost benefit analysis is still recommended, as it is important to factor in additional costs of doing this, such as energy, labour, and equipment depreciation. Batch cooking is a good way of saving time and increasing production output for the same labour input. Follow the seasons The globalisation of food production has increased food availability all year round, however seasonal foods are best eaten when they are naturally in harvest or ripening, such as UK butternut squash and blackberries in October. Seasonal ingredients taste better and can be more sustainable and less expensive. Brand versus own label  The higher cost of branded label products is often influenced by the manufacturers’ marketing costs, not necessarily the quality, flavour, or yield. It is worth sampling own label products, especially if they are only being used back of house, decanted or as secondary ingredient to other dishes. One significant example is rice, around 50% saving can be made by changing to own brand. Drained weight of tinned goods  Tinned goods often state the net weight, which is the combined weight of the solid and the liquid contents. Measuring the drained weight of tinned items such as fruits, corn, chickpeas, and tuna will help establish their true cost and yield.    If consuming both the food and the liquid, such as tinned tomatoes, then this won’t likely be an issue, but tinned tuna that is packed in brine or water results in the liquid being drained and discarded. For example, a 1880g tin of tuna when drained might hold 1320g of useable tuna, compared to a 1.7kg can (distributed by other wholesalers) having a drained useable weight of 1260g.   Tinned fruits can often be a convenient and sustainable option as they last much longer, there is less waste and by removing the need to wash and prepare the fruit, savings can be made on labour costs. Technology Utilising a catering control platform to store recipes and calculate ingredient data to track and manage every penny of spend will enable caterers to forecast accurately and have tighter control over profit margins. This technology supports nimble and flexible menu changes as pricing is uploaded live from suppliers. Also, ingredients can be substituted across all dishes very simply.   Software that can build and cost recipes quickly, whilst simultaneously analysing nutritional and allergen data, streamlining stock control and reducing administration, can save catering operations valuable time and resources.   Whilst caterers continue to face cascading challenges, expert support has never been so important. There is a harsh spotlight on caterers who don’t have good procurement practices in place. Without these practices, the impact of chefs working tirelessly to cost recipes, source the most cost-effective ingredients, manage portion and waste control, is diluted. You can find out more about the practical approach to rising food costs, here.

Adventure Togs making it easy to source robust outdoor clothing

Adventure Togs

The team at Adventure Togs know a thing or two about outdoor clothing. The company, from Port Talbot, South Wales have been supplying schools and groups nationwide since 2003. “I can’t believe we will be celebrating our 20th Birthday next year’ says Catherine Graham, Managing Director. “I started the business when my own children were young as I found it difficult to find quality children’s waterproof clothing on the high street.” Adventure Togs now supplies local authorities across the UK, making it easy for schools to raise purchase orders for clothing on their admin systems, with payment on account. “We’ve practically helped shape how people look at the benefits to children of being outside. Schools all across the country trust Adventure Togs with their outdoor clothing. You’ll find our knees and elbows in sandpits, muddy pools, in ice and snow and beside the campfires burning away in the woods nationwide, 365 days a year.” In addition to the UK, suppliers come from Denmark and Sweden, countries known for their healthy approach to outdoor learning in the early years. The Adventure Togs range has been quality tested and they only stock the most robust of kids outdoor gear. They also stock a good range of craft wear and accessories and offer to source products for your specific requirements. Enquiries, however big or small are always welcome. Adventure Togs makes it easy for schools, and groups to find the right sort of clothing for children to learn and play in, from waterproof suits to wellies and sun hats to paint aprons. Adventure Togs is able to supply outdoor clothing for: Local Authority Schools Forest Schools Playgroups Nurseries Independent Schools Football Clubs, Charities, YMCA, Scouts, Guides, Children’s schemes They offer discounts and free delivery on bulk orders. Website: Email: Tel: 01639 689183

Medpac celebrates ten years of supplying emergency medicine bags

Medpac packs piled up on a shelf

Medpac are practical bags specifically designed for carrying and storing prescription and emergency medicine in school, complete with photo identification. They are ideal for asthma inhalers, Epipens, epilepsy and diabetic medication and more. Medpac is the brainchild of Jayne Tarrant, a mum who saw a need for such a product when her own daughter was diagnosed with a condition that required her to carry emergency medicine with her at all times. Not able to find a product to fulfil the need, Jayne set about designing and sourcing a product that would work in many situations. Jayne says: “When I sat down at my kitchen table all those years ago and came up with the concept of a Medpac as a safe way for my then young daughter to store and carry her emergency medicine, I could never have dreamt that 10 years later it would be a thriving business supplying Medpacs worldwide.” Each Medpac is insulated and comes complete with a Medpac Photo ID and a Medpac Treatment Card to include clear instructions on how to use the medication. In summary Medpac is designed to store medicines safely and efficiently, easily identify correct medicine for correct child, save vital time in an emergency, help older children to carry own medication and display expiry dates to save time for staff Ideal for use in school, on school trips, after school clubs, swimming lessons and school transport. To discover more about this innovative range of products visit and see how Medpac could change the way you store the medicines in your school. There is no minimum order value, order online at or download an order form if you would prefer to receive an invoice, we also offer a 5% discount on orders over £200. Web:  

English schools facing a significant rise in water rates

Aquaswitch logo

The Coronavirus pandemic has increased the amount of bad debt in the commercial water market.  In April 2022, this cost will be passed on to customers through a temporary price rise. The commercial water market was deregulated in 2017, allowing schools to choose their water supplier. Until recently, the savings available from switching business water tariffs have been minimal, so the vast majority of schools have continued with the water supplier they’ve always had. Businesses that have never switched water suppliers pay business water rates on a deemed contract with their default supplier. Default water rates increase each year slightly as the cost of maintaining the water network increases. April 2022 is different; not only will schools be hit with inflationary increases in the cost of water, but they will also be charged more due to Ofwat’s decision to raise prices. To avoid the rising cost of water, schools can compare business water suppliers, just like they do with electricity and gas supply contracts.  See how much your school can save today with the AquaSwitch water comparison service. Here are the other reasons why schools should consider comparing the water market for a better deal: Are you satisfied with the service of your current supplier? Billing and charging issues are the most common complaints with business water suppliers.   Some water suppliers take customer services more seriously than others.  See what your options are using the AquaSwitch water comparison service today. Would you like a more environmentally friendly water tariff? The treatment and pumping of water around the country is a highly carbon-intensive activity. See if your school can save money and help the environment by switching to a green tariff today. Save money on water rates. Schools often pay significant surface drainage charges on their water bills due to the large area covered by schools grounds.  In the deregulated water market, suppliers compete for price. See how much your school can save today with