Future-proofing learning environments with next-gen networking

A classroom of pupils

School-wide connectivity and networks that are scalable and secure has never been more important in education. Networks must support hybrid learning, immersive digital experiences and emerging EdTech – all whilst making the management of IT simpler and keeping students secure. As organisations, schools are gradually transitioning into ‘smart spaces’ where monitoring everything from room temperature […]

New WiFi for Future Proofing Your School

A pupil using a laptop with a teacher looking over his shoulder

Redway Networks is an independent networking specialist with expertise in the planning, design and installation of enterprise wireless networks that help education establishments improve the student experience through reliable network connectivity. We deliver complete cloud networking solutions using ‘best of breed’ products at the forefront of technology through our partnerships with the world’s leading wireless […]

Schools are under cyber attack – here’s why

A man in a hoody sitting in front of several computer screens apparently hacking data

School leaders are being urged to make sure they are keeping their systems secure amid a growing amount of cyber attacks. Here’s why schools are being targeted and what can be done about it. Education is a unique sector, with tech savvy but perhaps naïve students having access to the internet with limited filtering, as well […]

Spellzone: The English Spelling Resource Created for Online Learning

Spellzone - a pupil using the system

What is Spellzone? Written by a dyslexia specialist, Spellzone is an online spelling resource that unlocks the mystery of English spelling and adapts to students of all abilities. Students can work on tailored learning pathways at their own pace and on any device. Time-saving reporting tools allow teachers to monitor progress and evaluate student activity with […]

What Role Can Technology Play in Assessment?

Fiona Goddard talks about assessment

With the cancellation of exams in the summer, the subject of assessment has been brought to the fore.  The short-term exam preparation phenomenon of ‘teaching to the test’ will have temporarily disappeared and some will be thankful of that, but does this give us a unique chance to explore and adopt other methods of continuous […]

Improving the learning experience through AV & IT

Karl Deady of Cinos, Improving the learning experience through AV & IT

Karl Deady, Executive Director at Cinos talks about the role of AV & IT across the higher education space and the steps that organisations can put in place to positively impact the learning experience for students. As the student user experience becomes more important than ever, so does the role of audio-visual (AV) technology. The coronavirus pandemic […]

Edmentum: at the forefront of the edtech revolution

Children at school on PCs - Edmentum

Editor Victoria Galligan spoke to Gareth Bradwick, project manager at Edmentum International, about how the global edtech company is reducing workload for teachers thanks to its simplified assessment of personalised online learning… Edmentum is the global learning resource which offers platforms for learners from nursery age up to secondary and beyond – you may be familiar […]

Building a bridge between schools and robotics

DFRobot - robotics teaching in action in a classroom

Edward Teng from DFRobot spoke to QA Education editor Victoria Galligan about how the Chinese company is plugging the gap between high-end technology and children who are eager to learn more about robotics… If you haven’t heard of DFRobot, it’s a Chinese company which creates affordable, easy-to-use hardware which can be used alongside micro:bit to […]

Cypher Learning tailors learning to each student – wherever they are

A girl uses a laptop with help from mother – Cypher Learning

NEO, a product of Cypher Learning, is a platform that offers a solution for teachers who want to create content, assess learning and process results in one place. Used by schools and universities across the world, NEO offers flexibility and personalisation, so learning is tailored to each student. QA Education editor Victoria Galligan spoke to […]