Robots like ChatGPT are taking over – and we should probably let them


Everyone seems to be talking about ChatGPT. Along with other AI large language models such as Google’s Bard, this powerful disruptive technology is currently gathering increased media attention and generating both excitement and concern from the public. Understandably, many education professionals are employing caution around the way that students and educators could use a technology […]

Digital T Levels at a fork in the road

Two females working at a computer

Two years into the flagship T Level programme would normally be an ideal time to review, take stock, and plot a clear route forward. When those two years coincided with a world-wide pandemic that massively impacted on face-to-face teaching, never mind the practicalities of lengthy work experience placements, the ‘big picture’ is much harder to […]

Art Workshops and Teacher Training for Primary Schools

Art Room work showing drawings of flowers

Hi, my name is Christine and I run the Art Room. I used to work as a primary school teacher and now I specialise in supporting schools to teach art and DT. This is usually carried out as part of a whole school inset session, where I can target a few key areas of improvement. […]

Facing the Cyber Threat in the Education Sector

Cyber threat in the education sector - image of hacker

Cyber security has long been a challenge for the Education sector, but with the recent increase of cyber attacks against academic institutions, awareness and action is urgently needed now more than ever.  Schools and universities can be lucrative targets for cyber criminals, both in terms of data and money. If hackers gain access to a […]

Head Teachers Role in Controlling Legionella in Schools

Child at school desk - paperwork - Head teachers role in controlling legionella in schools

Author: Craig Morning, Senior Consultant, Water Hygiene Centre Ltd If you are a Head Teacher what are your responsibilities in relation to preventing or controlling Legionella in your school? To answer this question, it might be easier to split these into two categories, the first would be where the Head Teacher has full control over […]

North East engineering firm helps to Kick Off careers in MEP design

PlanBEE Kick Off Programme - L-R Phillip Hilton-West (B&W), Terry Hanlon (Robertson), Daniel Hancock (NUF), Ben Smith, Steve Logan (Gateshead College), Jack Thain, Cameron Eastlake, Leuan Crawford, Wendy Dawe (Ryder Architecture) and Ish Bamba (NUF).

Newcastle’s Black and White Engineering (B&W) is opening its doors to budding engineers by joining a key initiative to provide career opportunities to young people across the region. The PlanBEE Kick Off programme is led by Ryder Architecture in partnership with Newcastle United Foundation (NUF), Gateshead College and other businesses across the construction and engineering […]

Lesson Planning for Stress Management

Destress Monday feature for teachers

Learning to DeStress at School can set Teachers (and Students) up for Success Meghan Crowley, Senior Program Associate with The Monday Campaigns and a former sixth grade teacher with a master’s in Health Education degree from Teachers College, Columbia University reflects on teacher stress and opportunities to support educators with self-care strategies.  ______________________________________________________________________________ It’s been […]

Universal Design for Learning: Change the lesson, not the student

Teacher with students in a classroom

Every teacher understands that children approach learning in different ways. Celebrating that difference rather than ignoring it is absolutely essential to creating impactful lessons that engage every student. Based on scientific insights into how people learn, Universal Design for Learning is a framework which can be used to redesign learning at its very core – […]