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Inspiring a ‘Greener’ Outdoors

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All parents and teachers recognise that something magical happens when children go outdoors  - they seem to burst into life!  Education organisations such as Ofsted note that children’s concentration, engagement and the development of thinking skills are just some of the benefits of bringing play and learning outside.  

Primary school teacher Wendy Hill agrees.  She is particularly interested in the outdoor curriculum and how it can provide a stimulating environment to enrich children’s play and learning.  Wendy offers her tips to schools, nurseries, councils, community organisations, indeed anyone trying to improve their outdoor space:

Nomadic Tours


About: Nomadic Schools is an independent tour operator offering bespoke educational school tours. It is a subsidiary of Nomadic, a commercial tour operator with over 15 years of operating experience.

We have worked through West and North Africa for individual clients, other tour operators as well as charities and schools. On our tours, we aim to capture the magic and mystery of the countries we visit, Iceland, Morocco & Turkey.

Exploring Krakow – School Trips to Poland

Exploring Krakow School Trips to Poland

Krakow is an ancient city brimming with history and culture. Its recent history is most known for the tragedy and horror against the Jews during World War II. However, having been capital of Poland for more than 500 years it has a rich history, just waiting to be explored on your next school trip.

Organised school trip to Krakow can be a great way to allow students to delve into the recent and ancient history of one of Poland’s most beautiful cities. With so much history to discover, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Practical Action

Practical Action FREE inspiration activities

If you are looking for FREE inspiration activities that enable you to include global issues in your science and D & T teaching then take a look at Practical Action schools website.  We provide a wealth of materials for primary and secondary teachers that do just that. 

Our most popular materials are our STEM challenges where pupils are challenges to solve a problem faced in the developing world. They include Beat the Flood, the Squashed Tomato Challenge and our new Plastics challenge.

OfficePOD Ltd

OfficePOD Ltd. are the designers and suppliers of a range of small, modular, self-contained and great looking spaces in which our customers can work and meet. Our POD’s are used in Schools as one-to-one meeting spaces, music rooms, careers consultation POD’s and more recently, for special educational needs. Our POD’S provide a safe, calm and quiet space in which to be.