Online safety video

Sam Pemberton


This powerful online safety video show there's so much schools can do to monitor and potentially help pupils and their families.

Impero Education Pro monitors the school network for keywords, in line with the UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘appropriate monitoring’ guidelines, as specified in the DfE’s statutory guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education. When a keyword is detected, whether in an application, typed or present on a website, the incident is captured, timestamped and logged (with a screenshot or video clip, to provide ‘who, what, where’ style information, putting the incident into context).

CENTURY Tech to join Mayor of London on US International visit

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has selected CENTURY Tech to represent the best of the UK’s innovation and technology industry on an international trademission to the United States. 

CENTURY Tech is a newly launched cloud-based platform that uses a unique blend of artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and big data. The platform empowers students through personalised learning that constantly adapts to each student’s level and progress, and provides instant and constructive feedback, improving both engagement and attainment. The platform also provides teachers and school leaders with the data they need at the click of a button, reducing the administrative workload for teachers while offering powerful insight into students’progress for teachers and school leaders.

Technology and education - the perfect match?



The changing landscape of consumer behaviour seen in recent years, thanks to the increasingly widespread use of mobile technology and the rise of the internet, has had a significant impact on the way in which children learn and retain information. For this reason, schools have been put under increasing pressure to adapt teaching techniques to keep up with this, placing technology at the forefront in the classroom in the 21st century. 

Integrating technology into the classroom has given pupils of all ages a wealth of new experiences, promoting a collaborative approach to learning that promotes both integration and diversity in learning styles.

There’s nothing ‘old-skool’ about BASIC

There’s nothing ‘old-skool’ about BASIC


The Rt Hon John Bercow, Buckinghamshire MP and Speaker for the House of Commons recently attended a coding workshop at Swanbourne School to see how they were keeping up with the new computing curriculum.  Mr Bercow certainly got more than he bargained for as he ended up taking part in the work shop provided by FUZE Technologies and even partnered with a very impressed student.

FUZE coding workshops give an insight into real coding using text based programming languages that are perfect for late primary to early secondary.

Five reasons why you SHOULD be able to take your IT for granted

Five reasons why you SHOULD be able to take your IT for granted


IT is the now fourth utility, after your gas, electric and water; it has to ‘just work’ because it is integral to the business critical functions of your school, so you have to be able to take your IT for granted like this…

Your staff and pupils can work together anywhere without any fuss
Pupils can access their homework online, collaborate with their peers easily.
Teachers can review progress, mark work and provide feedback quickly and efficiently.  
You don’t print out work to mark it, or have to hand out worksheets at the start of the class. 
IT does this for you by providing a strong and stable platform for sharing and learning.

Any issues are fixed quickly and effectively when you raise them

You Can Study With Selfies and Twitter?!

You Can Study With Selfies and Twitter?!


SAM Labs wireless blocks revolutionise studying with the Internet of Things, teaching kids programming while they study or complete their homework

As of 2015, children clock around an average five to seven hours per week on homework. One in four parents is said to use a tutor to “top up” their child’s education. What if you could replacing expensive tutors and make homework an enjoyable, learning experience? With SAM, you can.

Success in the classroom can be improved with technology


The impact of technology in the classroom is a hotly contested topic. The OECD says that students glued to tablets all day perform worse and that “more technology doesn’t guarantee better outcomes”, which is true to an extent, but partly due to the fact that they’re no longer getting a classroom experience. Research has shown that top-level classroom success grows by 36 per cent when the right approach is taken to technology.

Too many schools have fallen victim to rushing in, spending money and then not getting the results that they want. It’s because they’ve overlooked some vital steps. Further research has shown that top-level classroom success grows by 36 per cent when the right approach is taken to technology. 

Stone Group Offers Primary Schools £2500 Worth of IT Support for Free

Stone Group Offers Primary Schools £2500 Worth of IT Support for Free


Stone Group, the provider of ICT solutions and services to education and the public sector, announced it will offer all primary schools in the UK a free 90-day trial of Stone Assist - its modular, flexible IT support solution. 

For 90 days, schools will get access to Stone’s “Essential” base package of remote and additional on-site support, receiving support from a UK-based technical helpdesk as well as a dedicated engineer on site for one day a week, valued at nearly £2500.

How technology can transform a student’s learning

Technology plays a critical role in the life of students and given the right tools and guidance can help motivate and inspire them to achieve great success.

Vickie Bacon, a teacher and leading Apple Distinguished Educator who is passionate about enabling her learners to achieve their best, produces daily blog posts demonstrating the positive impact certain apps can have on a student’s learning. Here are a few snippets from Vickie’s blog that show the real value of technology when integrated into the classroom:

“As a teacher we always put our practice under the microscope and dissect it.  This micro management can prevent the students from expressing themselves. Independence of thought as well as independent choice of how to present understanding is the ultimate goal.”

The IET Faraday programme: Bringing Science, Technology and Maths to life

We can do more to nurture students’ interest and achievement in Science, Design & Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) – by showing them the exciting, real-life applications of the subjects. If we want students to be fully equipped for their futures, we need to give them grounding in these subjects and make them aware of the career choices in these fields. 

Kenyan Ministry of Education selects local business NetSupport to aid national literacy programme

Kenyan Ministry of Education selects local business NetSupport to aid national literacy programme


NetSupport’s classroom management software, NetSupport School, has been selected as the solution of choice to be pre-installed on over 695,000 education devices as part of the Digital Literacy Programme in Kenya.

A Ministry of Education-led initiative, it aims to place free technology into the hands of primary school pupils across the country to educate them using the benefits of computer-led learning.

Collaborations to change the face of education

HundrED today announced a range of new partnerships to help reach teachers across the world in its aim to help schools to transform education.

The partnerships are with the Bett global series of ed-tech events, the social entrepreneur network Ashoka and the world’s leading experts on sustainable development, SDSNEdu. The partnerships, in addition to existing relationships with Ideo and XQ, will support HundrED’s aim to collaborate with teachers, thought leaders, policy makers and organisations to help shape the future of education.

The FUZEBOX needs you!

Fusebox SE Black


FUZE Technologies launches Kickstarter campaign to reach funding goal for its new coding gadget FUZE Technologies has today launched a campaign with Kickstarter, in order to bring its latest project, the FUZEBOX, to life.

The FUZEBOX is an accessible coding gadget, designed to work alongside existing platforms in the classroom, which will help students understand and appreciate the basics of programming from a young age. Kickstarter aims to help bring creative projects to life through its funding platform, enabling people to pledge money towards a campaign’s funding goal.

Collaborative classrooms: the future of education technology

Neil Watkins Think It collaborative classrooms


With the multitude of devices and technologies available to schools, the traditional classroom is changing; it’s becoming more collaborative, interactive and engaging. Neil Watkins, managing director at Think IT, the one-stop-shop for cloud-based education solutions, offers his advice on how teachers can make the most of technology, enhancing the learning experience for their pupils.