Local firm LWA shortlisted at the British Accountancy Awards again

Local firm LWA shortlisted at the British Accountancy Awards 2016 Finalist


Northwest based accountancy and business advisory firm Leavitt Walmsley Associates (LWA) have been shortlisted at the nationally acclaimed British Accountancy Awards 2016, in the Most Innovative Practice category for independent firms. The firm based in Sale and Warrington have been recognised for implementing a number of modern, technological advancements to constantly improve their services over the past 18 months.

With the awards in their sixth year, they are regarded as the industry’s most prestigious accolades, and look to pinpoint professional development whilst celebrating excellence in the accountancy profession.

Knowledge for Life: Educating children on the importance of good nutrition

Educating children on the importance of good nutrition in schools


"Helping to shape the health, wellbeing and self-esteem of current and future generations through motivational workshops and talks in schools across the country”

The benefits of teaching school-age children good eating habits to promote health, wellbeing and self-esteem and optimise potential


Teenage eating habits are poor and getting worse, the Department of Health has claimed.  The statistics are overwhelming:

•      1 in 3 children will go on to develop diabetes

•      31% of children age 2-15 are overweight or obese, leading to long-term heart disease and other health implications

Child Protection Training: Preventing Radicalisation

Child protection training is being used more and more often as a tool to help fight against radicalisation among young people.

As educators, one of our primary obligations is to ensure that the children in our care are kept safe from harmful forces, neglect and abuse. This can take on various forms and can occur through many different mediums. One of the most extreme versions is that of radicalisation.

Canvas Network and Zappar join forces to bring augmented reality to the classroom



New MOOC brings the water cycle to life

A new ‘massive open online course’ (MOOC) launching this month is set to showcase the ways augmented reality (AR) technology can help bring learning to life. 

The course, developed in partnership between Canvas Network and Zappar comes in response to huge user demand for AR in the classroom, which Zappar reports has tripled in two years (from 11% to 29%)1.

The MOOC will offer an innovative way for teachers and students aged 8 years and up to explore ‘the water cycle’, grounding a theoretical subject in an authentic, tangible and visual way. Young learners under the age of 13 must submit a signed parent consent form in order to enrol and fully participate in the course. 

Edtech’s Sweetspot: Empowering teachers through technology

Edtech’s Sweetspot: Empowering teachers through 3D technology


Technology has long been a part of education, with PCs and interactive whiteboards being a staple during the 90s and early 00s. However, technology has continued to evolve within the education sector as more and more institutions utilized web-based learning and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. 

Some schools embraced social media, some rejected it. Then in 2010 the iPad was launched. With this came a brand new way to teach without the outdated chalkboards and textbooks. Children could proactively engage in what they found interesting around a subject, whether it be dinosaurs, equations or thermodynamic Heating systems. 

Online safety video

Sam Pemberton


This powerful online safety video show there's so much schools can do to monitor and potentially help pupils and their families.

Impero Education Pro monitors the school network for keywords, in line with the UK Safer Internet Centre’s ‘appropriate monitoring’ guidelines, as specified in the DfE’s statutory guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education. When a keyword is detected, whether in an application, typed or present on a website, the incident is captured, timestamped and logged (with a screenshot or video clip, to provide ‘who, what, where’ style information, putting the incident into context).

CENTURY Tech to join Mayor of London on US International visit

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has selected CENTURY Tech to represent the best of the UK’s innovation and technology industry on an international trademission to the United States. 

CENTURY Tech is a newly launched cloud-based platform that uses a unique blend of artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and big data. The platform empowers students through personalised learning that constantly adapts to each student’s level and progress, and provides instant and constructive feedback, improving both engagement and attainment. The platform also provides teachers and school leaders with the data they need at the click of a button, reducing the administrative workload for teachers while offering powerful insight into students’progress for teachers and school leaders.

4 Great Reasons to have African Drumming and Dance in Schools

4 Great Reasons to have African Drumming and Dance in Schools


If you’ve never experienced one of our Unbeatable Energy workshops before, you might never have considered the many ways that African Drumming and Dance can benefit children’s health, well-being and ability to succeed.

Here are four reasons why an Unbeatable Energy workshop can help create a success in your classroom:

1. African Drumming and Dance brings cultural topics to life! 

2. African Drumming and Dance boosts children’s confidence!

3. African Drumming and Dance gets children active which improves the brain!

4. African Drumming and Dance improves listening skills – not just in music!

Help your Child to Beat the Post-Camp Blues

Summer camps are incredibly fun, but when it’s all over the post-camp blues can start to settle in. 

How can parents maintain the same level of fun, excitement and creativity as a summer camp?

Well, by looking at what makes activity camps so much fun we have a few ideas to keep the fun all year around!

No Parents allowed! 

Activity camps are just for kids, which means they get some time to relax, have fun and hang out with their friends without their parents pestering them. 

How can schools improve their recruitment and retention of teachers?

How can schools improve their recruitment and retention of teachers?


It is common knowledge for everyone with an interest in education that primary and secondary schools across the UK are finding it more and more difficult to attract and retain teaching staff.

The route of the problem is evident: numbers of pupils in schools are increasing year on year whilst the DfE’s targets for recruitment of new teachers are not being met. In addition to this, last year alone 42, 000 teachers left the profession and the pull of sunshine and tax free earnings culminated in 18,000 teachers leaving for schools abroad. It is not surprising that adverts for teacher vacancies are not yielding the same success as they were 5 years ago.

Life after exams: How vital is academic success?

Military Preparation College 2


This year has seen the largest ever year-on-year decline for GCSE results. With grades down to the lowest level since 2008, this is undoubtedly a very worrying time for many teenagers across the country. 

But for any young person that has not received the grades they were aiming for, it is far from the end of the journey. I know this from experience.

Growing up, I struggled to thrive within a traditional classroom environment. My personal disappointment at failing to gain the qualifications I’d hoped for was one of the driving forces behind my idea to develop a college that promotes a different – active – type of learning.

Technology and education - the perfect match?



The changing landscape of consumer behaviour seen in recent years, thanks to the increasingly widespread use of mobile technology and the rise of the internet, has had a significant impact on the way in which children learn and retain information. For this reason, schools have been put under increasing pressure to adapt teaching techniques to keep up with this, placing technology at the forefront in the classroom in the 21st century. 

Integrating technology into the classroom has given pupils of all ages a wealth of new experiences, promoting a collaborative approach to learning that promotes both integration and diversity in learning styles.

Fire Risk Warning of Charging Mobile Phones in Bed

Fire Risk Warning of Charging Mobile Phones in Bed


Children in Lincolnshire could be putting their lives, and the lives of their families, at risk by charging their mobile phones in bed.  Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue are recommending that parents are to check where their children are charging their mobiles phones at night.

Research has revealed that 53 per cent of children are charging their phone or tablet either on their bed or even under their pillow. This is an extremely dangerous practice.  The heat generated cannot dissipate and the charger will become hotter and hotter. The likely result is that pillows will catch fire - thus placing the child (as well as everyone else in the property) in great danger.

Low cost solution to slippery decking

Low cost solution to slippery decking


Wooden decking can become hazardous in damp and slippery conditions, creating the possible threat of a slips or falls for anyone walking across the surface. Outside areas where people gather need to be made safe to comply with health and safety issues. 

FibreGrid has come up with a solution to this problem with the development of Anti Slip Standard GRP Decking Strips, part of their affordable  GRP SlipGrip® Standard range. Timber decking becomes safer with these quick and easy to install DeckGrip Strips, which come supplied with decking screws and are pre-drilled 

There’s nothing ‘old-skool’ about BASIC

There’s nothing ‘old-skool’ about BASIC


The Rt Hon John Bercow, Buckinghamshire MP and Speaker for the House of Commons recently attended a coding workshop at Swanbourne School to see how they were keeping up with the new computing curriculum.  Mr Bercow certainly got more than he bargained for as he ended up taking part in the work shop provided by FUZE Technologies and even partnered with a very impressed student.

FUZE coding workshops give an insight into real coding using text based programming languages that are perfect for late primary to early secondary.