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Water is cool

It is a documented fact that most School children do not drink enough water. Children are at greater risk of dehydration than adults as they do not always realize that they are thirsty and if they are not encouraged they may not drink enough. Many children go through the entire school day consuming perhaps just one glass of water or less.
Our bodies are made up of approximately 70 % water and it has a multiple functions in the body – controlling temperature, digesting food and regulating the excretion of waste. Drinking water regularly throughout the day is a very important way to protect long term health.
When children do not drink enough their attention span and concentration is severely affected.  It has been noted that when thirsty their mental performance is decreased by 10% and will continue to decrease even more if adequate hydration is not attended to. The child may become tired and irritable and suffer headaches, which can then contribute to behavioural problems and they find it difficult to focus on lessons. 
Children need educated by explaining why drinking water is so very important to their health.
To ensure mental clarity and to be able to participle in exercise and physical activity it is essential that water is available for children at all times of the day and it is readily accessible. 
We owe it to our children to ensure adequate hydration to protect their long term health and help them to achieve their best personal educational potential by ensuring that hydration is used as an aid to their concentration and attention, which will help maintain mental clarity at lessons and improve their overall learning. 

As children spend a large proportion of their day in School this gives a vital and unique opportunity of encouraging regular water coolerwater intake to promote good health and an excellent learning environment.
Children do not always like the taste of chlorine in water so it is essential that a source of clear pure pleasant tasting water is available and this can be achieved by the use of a Filter. Also the use of refillable bottles can encourage children to drink more often.
We have been providing Schools with suitable Water Cooler Units since 1998, and can provide a wide selection of Units suitable for both small and large schools, and would be happy to offer advice and recommendations for the best options for the specific needs of your school.

www.watersystems4u.co.uk     Tel: 01727 226 464    Email: sales@watersystems4u.co.uk

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