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Protecting Universities from Cyber Attacks

Cyber security is rated as one of the top concerns for organisations worldwide.  As a global leader in the security technology industry, Gallagher is working with Universities all over the world to help them mitigate risk and secure their systems against potential attacks.

In looking at the cyber risks that relate to Universities, there are three main areas of concern: protecting Intellectual Property (IP), protecting personal data, and protecting facilities and infrastructure.  “A vulnerability in any of these areas is serious business for our University customers” says Richard Huison, Gallagher Regional Manager for UK & Europe.  “A cyber attack that steals IP, particularly with regards to unproven and unpublished research, could have significant impact on a University’s bottom-line by preventing them from commercialising their findings later down the track” says Huison.  

Similarly, IP relating to teaching material and course work must also be protected against cyber-attacks.  The introduction of online teaching means that students are no longer required on campus to learn, and material is therefore accessible by more people in more places than ever before.  In order to continue to deliver their core service and maintain competitive edge, it’s important for Universities to protect their academic IP with strong cyber security measures. 

Universities hold massive amounts of personal data on current and past students and staff. That data encompasses a lot of personal information, including residential addresses, next of kin information, performance results/grades, and – in the case of students living on campus – medical notes which could involve details such as a mental healthcare plan. Protecting Universities from Cyber Attacks

“A huge concern for Universities is the risk of personal data being accessed by unauthorised parties” says Huison.  “It’s vital that staff and students feel their privacy is being managed and protected by their chosen University.  We work very closely with our customers to ensure they understand and maintain the most-up-to-date technology and, therefore, have the greatest cyber resilience possible”.

Gallagher’s intelligent data management uses industry-leading standards for data protection. End-to-end encryption with secure, encrypted SQL databases and end-to-end authentication are all part of the Gallagher solution. They provide system hardening and configuration advice, and their network of fully trained and certified installers ensure your system is as cyber-secure as possible on installation.

In a world where cyber threats evolve daily, so too must our defences. If you would like to talk about your cyber security concerns call us on 02476 641234 or visit security.gallagher.com to find out more.
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