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Six steps to keeping classroom technology safe

Having technology in the classroom can help enhance student engagement with what’s being taught. Today, many schools have iPads, iPods or other tech devices, and measures should be put in place to keep these expensive products safe from being lost or stolen. 

Here are six safety steps to consider when keeping technology safe in the classroom, provided by gadget and mobile accessory brand Griffin Technology.

1. It’s important to take necessary precautions against theft in the classroom. Devices such as videocameras, iPads, and laptops should be put away in locked and secured places when not in use. 

2.  Always establish and enforce classroom procedures for student use of technology.  Create a register to check-out and check-in equipment, so it’s always accounted for. 

3.  If you’re using an iOS device such as iPad or iPod, install the Find My iPhone app on these devices. If these gadgets are ever lost or stolen, the app can easily remotely track it, lock it or even erase data.

4. Invest in proper protection. This will ensure all expensive products are protected with a suitable case to defend against accidental drops. Cases that shield devices against drops and knocks should be purchased, and will add another layer of safety should a mishap occur.

5. Label each device that is used in the classroom. This way, there can be no confusion as to who owns the device. Sometimes, school equipment can be mixed up with pupils’ own devices, therefore it’s good to clearly identify school property.

6. For more expensive equipment and those devices used outside of the classroom, create a process by which supervision of its use must be carried out. This is good practice to roll out for new purchases with a high value, so that a responsible watch is taken over the device and it isn’t lost.

For gadget protection and accessories, Griffin Technology provides a range of cases to suit tablets, smartphone and more. For iPads used in the classroom, the Survivor All-Terrain is recommended, as it has been tested to meet military standards making it super tough. When charging multiple devices, the MultDock2 Charging Station 10 and 30Bay provides the perfect security when hosting a number of iPads, tablets and smartphones all at once.


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