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Seaton Tramway Launches Exciting Learning and Activity Programs, Promoting Fun and Education for all

Seaton Tramway, a unique heritage attraction nestled in the breathtaking East Devon countryside, is thrilled to announce its exceptional learning and activity programs designed exclusively for school visits.

With a fleet of 14 heritage-style trams, Seaton Tramway offers an unforgettable journey spanning three miles of scenic East Devon landscape, traversing Seaton Wetlands and the stunning Axe Estuary to Colyford and Colyton.

A school visit to Seaton Tramway promises an immersive adventure, blending education and enjoyment. Students will have the opportunity to embark on a captivating ride aboard one of the enchanting heritage-style trams, complemented by engaging and educational workshops delivered by the highly experienced Learning and Activity team.

The workshops cover a wide range of subjects, including local history, geography, science, maths, art, and English, ensuring a diverse learning experience that caters to various curricular interests.

Here are the top 10 reasons why schools should book a visit to Seaton Tramway

Unparalleled setting: Immerse students in the captivating beauty of East Devon countryside, providing a unique backdrop for learning.

Tramway adventure: Each learning session includes a return tram ride, allowing students to experience the charm of the heritage-style trams firsthand.

Expanded options: Take advantage of the newly opened Wetlands and Riverside Halts, enabling the inclusion of Wetlands and Depot visits in the itinerary, enriching the overall experience.

Tailored sessions: Seaton Tramway offers a range of engaging and informative taught sessions, customizable to suit specific educational requirements and interests.

Resources for exploration: In addition to the taught sessions, the Tramway provides enjoyable resources for school-led activities, fostering a hands-on approach to learning.

Flexibility and customization: The experienced learning team at Seaton Tramway collaborates closely with schools to plan each visit meticulously, ensuring an enriching experience tailored to the needs of each group.

Inclusivity at its core: Seaton Tramway warmly welcomes pupils with additional needs, ensuring that everyone can participate and benefit from the educational programs.

Continued learning: Downloadable follow-up resources empower students to extend their learning beyond the Tramway visit, further exploring the subjects covered during their time at the attraction.

Proximity to Jurassic Coast: Situated on the edge of the awe-inspiring Jurassic Coast, schools have the option to enhance their visit with an excursion to the beach, creating a truly cross-curricular day.

Unforgettable memories: Seaton Tramway promises an unforgettable experience, blending education, adventure, and natural beauty to create lasting memories for students and educators alike.

Seaton Tramway invites schools to embark on an enriching journey, where education comes alive through the charm of heritage trams and captivating workshops.

To learn more about booking a school visit to Seaton Tramway or to explore the range of educational programs offered, please visit https://www.tram.co.uk/learning or contact nicola@tram.co.uk or info@tram.co.uk

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