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Nanogirl’s Lab – a fun-filled science experiment every weekday

Join Nanogirl™ as she gains STEM superpowers – including creating COVID-19 fighting super-soap

  • A new science adventure every weekday for just 50p per day.
  • Children join Nanogirl™ on her quest to gain superpowers using STEM.
  • Child-friendly COVID-19 videos – including making your own virus-fighting super-soap! 
  • Buy one, give one – for each subscription purchased, Nanogirl’s Lab will give access to a family unable to afford it.
  • From the bestselling author of The Kitchen Science Cookbook (as seen on Blue Peter!)
  • Designed with diversity in mind so all children feel welcome and included

Millions of children are currently being forced to stay home from school – but this doesn’t mean they should have to miss out on essential STEM skills. Nanogirl’s Lab release a science experiment every weekday for kids to try at home with everyday household items.

Perfect for children aged 7-11, kids are given ‘lab notes’ worksheets to follow as they watch their daily Nanogirl™ instructional child carrying out science experiment video before getting stuck into fun-filled science experiments. These include – understanding sound waves come from vibrations by building your own harmonica, seeing the world upside down by making a pinhole camera, and learning about the structure of COVID19 by creating virus-fighting super-soap. Developed by a team of scientists and engineers, the experiments give children access to essential hands-on science skills they could miss out on while staying home while also empowering parents who may not feel confident teaching STEM at home.

Subscribing to Nanogirl’s Lab gives parents and children access to:

  • Daily lab notes and a video for children 
  • A daily ‘cheat sheet’ and instructions for parents
  • Weekly parent webinars with creator Dr Michelle Dickinson – covering everything from COVID-19 questions, the science behind the experiments and helping children with STEM subjects.
  • Access to the private Facebook group – an online community of parents to share concerns and questions.

Working to make STEM accessible to all

Created by nanotechnologist and engineer Dr Michelle Dickinson, Nanogirl™ is a superhero with a difference.  Her powers don’t come from magic – or spider bites or alien suns! – but instead through her study of STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

By solving problems using her STEM skills she encourages children to find their superpowers by building and tinkering with common household items.

Sadly, missing even a week of school can have a profound impact on a child’s long-term relationship with STEM which can impact their future careers in these fields. With so many children currently at home, Nanogirl’s Lab are working to inspire, educate and empower through STEM through their home experiments.

For every paying subscriber to Nanogirl’s Lab, they donate a STEM learning experience to a family who could not otherwise afford to take part. Find out more about Nanogirl Labs’ other projects at nanogirllabs.com

Nanogirl™ STEM Adventure subscriptions are available for 50p a day. Find out more at https://nanogirlslab.com/

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