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Your school can save money on water bills

As the final weeks of the academic year ebb away, the notion of a summer holiday will have already planted itself firmly into the conscious of staff and students alike. Students carry the stress of end of year exams, but tucked away in the engine rooms, the balancing of yearly budgets is a stress that, unlike exams, never ceases.

The procurement of new contracts and delegation of utility responsibilities to expert consultancies is an easy way to eradicate future stress and unlock hidden pockets of time, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best.

The water market is wide open, let’s capitalise

Companies often look to control their energy costs, but there is one utility that has previously been overlooked, and that’s water. Just over two years ago the non-Your school can save money on water billsdomestic water market deregulated, which meant organisations such as schools could switch water suppliers, much like they already could with energy suppliers. The competition has driven prices down and improved customer service, and you can now shop around for the cheapest contracts with the best service. This can offset financial struggles in the education sector, such as funding cuts and reduced supply staff budgets.

Save money and put your feet up this summer

Not only can you save money through managing your water bills more carefully, you can also save time, as utilities consultancies such as ESS Utility can do the work for you. This work includes a full 360° water management service, detailed below.


ESS Utility can procure and negotiate the most competitive prices for your water contacts, as industry experts monitor the market on your behalf.

Your school can save money on water billsWater audits

With the best contracts locked in, site surveys, collection, cleaning and consolidation of data, bill validation, verification of complex water associated charges and recovery of resulting overpayments are just some of the elements that make up a comprehensive water audit. Schools themselves often lack the necessary resources to identify, let alone rectify, such issues.

Water efficiency strategy

3 billion litres of water are lost in the UK each day due to leaks. Fortunately, ESS Utility can create a consumption profile to help identify areas for cutbacks, as well as working with leading hygiene services provider PHS Groupto install low-flow devices that use electronic sensors and adjustable mechanisms to save water in taps, toilets and urinals.

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