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The School Breathe Online Programme

The School Breathe online programme provides over 40 breathwork and mindfulness techniques, in video and audio format, to help children learn healthy effective and healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety.

The programme includes a full variety of scientifically proven techniques, including breath count exercises for improved concentration, breathing meditations to encourage a calmer state of mind and breath-led techniques to manage emotions, along with audio visualisations to help develop confidence and help alleviate stress and anxiety.

The School Breathe online programme can help both children and their teachers to feel more present and focused in the classroom, thus enhancing both the learning and teaching experience. Presented by one of our School Breathe experts, you will receive a different breath-focused exercise to practice each week throughout the school year, accompanied by printable tips and advice to help you integrate breathwork into your school day.

Teacher training

A full 1-day inset training day for your staff to experience the power and benefits of a full healthy breath.

Teachers and teaching assistants will have the opportunity to learn breathing techniques to help manage their own stress levels, experience breath The School Breathe Online Programmeexercises to manage emotions and adopt a more mindful approach to their teaching day.
You will learn quick and effective techniques to help calm your classroom and learn and practice techniques to help children pay attention, concentrate and co-operate. Teachers will be introduced to the comprehensive online programme and learn how this can be easily integrated into the classroom on a daily basis.

About Us
Passionate about sharing the benefits of conscious breathwork, we are a team of certified breath workers, meditation teachers, children’s yoga teachers, psychologists and empowerment coaches who believe children should learn and experience the life-enhancing effects of breathwork at school.

We are committed to developing the highest quality training and creating effective and practical online programmes for pupils, parents, and teachers to enhance the lives of future generations.

With the reported increase in stress levels amongst schools, the programme, can help children and teachers develop healthy habits to enable them to manage stress and anxiety and learn the invaluable lesson of learning to breathe well.
Conscious breathwork has a plethora of benefits for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, which can help children feel more relaxed, focused and happy.

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