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Robotical Ltd offer a free trial of Marty the Robot for 3 weeks

Free STEM resource: Robotical Ltd offer a free trial of Marty the Robot for 3 weeks to schools throughout the UK!

Child playing with Robotical Ltd - Marty the robot

The Edinburgh based tech company, Robotical, are on a mission to create classrooms ‘Where learning comes alive’ with their programmable, walking, dancing, football-playing robot named Marty. To achieve this goal they are offering 3 week free trials of the robots throughout the UK and even covering all of the shipping and collection costs!
Marty is designed to deliver real-world learning and help children think differently about science, technology, engineering and maths.
Free online lesson plans, cross-curricular activities and friendly staff are on hand to help teachers make their lessons more fun and engaging – sparking creativity and empowering their children to view scientific concepts in innovative, practical and immersive ways. You can programme Marty with a basic remote control, with block based languages like Scratch or with real programming languages like Python so your lessons with Marty will span across a broad range of ages and abilities.

Robotical Ltd offer a free trial of Marty the Robot for 3 weeks

Jonathan Baxter, Deputy Head Teacher at The Flora Stevenson Primary School, said, “Having something physical to move, away from a computer screen, helps pupils better understand what happens when they input certain commands.It moves the lessons from theoretical to practical and pupils can see the interaction between software and hardware. Marty is cute and engaging which makes it easy to introduce him in the classroom. But he also demonstrates how coding can be applied in the real world as he can interact with his surroundings.”

Rushil Shah, COO at GoCode Academy told us that “Marty has been a head turner with students! He works really well across all of the age groups at GoCode. The younger kids love his human features and are able to use Scratch to get up and running with Marty quickly. For the older kids they’re able to explore coding in more detail by moving onto Python and see the physical connection between hardware and software.”

Robotical Ltd offer a free trial of Marty the Robot for 3 weeks

15 year old student, Iona, had this to say about her experience with Marty the Robot: “Playing and learning with Marty has been great fun, and it definitely has taught me a lot about engineering and computer programming which will help me in my future career. I definitely want to do engineering at university, and Marty has just made me more determined to make this happen. I have even taught Marty to feed my dog, so I’m wondering what other household chores he could help me with, maybe he could tidy my room or wash the dishes?! ”

To find out more and try Marty for free for 3 weeks simply follow this link, scan the QR code below on your smartphone’s camera, call Robotical on 0131 564 0922 or email Ben via ben@robotical.io:



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