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Reflect Theatre in Education

Reflect Theatre in Education provides personalised performing arts’ projects and applied drama techniques in schools across the capital and South East. Working collaboratively with schools, we produce engaging and inspirational theatrical productions involving students in Key Stages 1, 2 and 3. We also use drama techniques to produce a wide range of curriculum-enrichment programmes and workshops which support key government strategies for learning and enhance the National Curriculum.

At Reflect Theatre in Education we always set high standards for ourselves and all participants. Expectations are clear and our working environment is respectful, positive and motivational. Drama, in its own right, is an invaluable tool in unlocking creative potential, developing communication skills and increasing confidence. When used alongside the National Curriculum it is an engaging and inspirational way of approaching traditional topics and stimulating the interest of all students.

Reflect TIE sessions aim:

• To develop confidence and self-esteem

• To encourage teamwork

• To promote positive communication skills

• To stimulate creativity • To stimulate topic interested and impart curriculum information

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Our Workshops and Projects promote opportunities for children to build confidence and self-esteem. Children are given regular opportunities to reflect on their own progress and abilities, to identify areas/skills that they would like to focus on further and develop. Our sessions are great for offering naturally confident young people a creative outlet, as well as helping to increase confidence in those children who may need to assistance in developing this. Teamwork In all aspects of life, individuals will be required to work as part of a team. Our sessions promote teamwork, through various activities and the shared collaboration of putting on a performance. Communication Skills Communication skills are one of the most important areas that Reflect TIE works to develop. Communication skills are a vital part of all aspects of life, at school and within the working environment. Drama is well known for helping children to articulate more clearly and to listen in addition to developing a wider Boy on stage at Reflect Theatre in Education vocabulary.


Taking part in creative experiences such as drama helps children to express, and cope with, their feelings. Creativity also fosters mental growth in children and helps them to acknowledge and celebrate uniqueness and diversity. Imagination equips children to solve problems by helping them to think through different outcomes to various situations and enabling them to role play ways to cope with difficult or new circumstances. Imagination also encourages a rich vocabulary. Telling and hearing real or made-up stories, reading books and improvising, help children learn and retain new words.

Topic/Curriculum Information

Our Workshops and Projects can provide children and young people with topic related information and help to lift the curriculum off the page. This helps to stimulate interest and to improve connection with and retention of material.

Reflect TIE offers:

• Foundation, KS1, and KS2 Curriculum Topic Workshops: These popular workshops use drama, role-play and improvisation to explore a topic further. These workshops are available for a wide range of topics each linked to the National Curriculum.

• Staging Shakespeare Projects

• Professional Productions

• PSHE and SEAL workshops: These workshops are based on the Primary National Strategy document Excellence & Enjoyment: Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) and also look at topics under the umbrella of Personal, Social, and Health Education for all key stages.

This Autumn, as well as running our popular stand-alone curriculum and story-telling workshops, our Directors are also busy working with Groups of Students in Years 5 and 6 to stage performances of ‘As You Like It’ in schools across London. By introducing Shakespeare, at primary Children on stage at Reflect Theatre in Education level, we help children to experience Shakespeare’s charm at an early age. This means that, when they begin to study a Shakespeare text as part of the national curriculum, students have already been introduced to the bard correctly and positively.

We have a series of Shakespeare’s greatest stories which have been adapted to run under at an hour – making it less daunting and more manageable. These plays still maintain Shakespeare’s language but have been reduced and tailored to make them more accessible to the primary age-bracket – in their simplicity, they are adapted to work for kids, without losing any of the beauty or power of the original play. Children work with professional directors, from the auditions, right through to a fully-staged performance, with lights, sound, costume and props. All practitioners have plenty of experience in directing children’s theatre and every child has a speaking part.

Throughout the process, each student involved learns valuable lessons about team-work, concentration and commitment as well as gaining great comprehension of the play in question and a sense of self-confidence and achievement. Staging Shakespeare, as with all Reflect TIE’s projects, is extremely inclusive and can include children with special learning/care requirements.



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