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Surprising benefits of outdoor adventure for children

These days, it can be easy for children to get into the habit of staying indoors. Yes, there are many home comforts, computer games, watching TV and hot chocolates are always a good idea! But there are so many advantages to being outdoors, experiencing the wonders of nature. Outdoor adventure and education expert, Kingswood, shares the best benefits being outdoors can bring you and your children. 

Encourages team building 

There’s no I in team…or outdoors! Improve your child’s team building skills by getting them together with a group of friends to complete some fun tasks. They could do some orienteering, play sports or even build a fort using nature’s tools. Doing things as a team really creates a sense of community and improves friendships. 

It grows your imagination 

Imagine all the people, sharing all the world. Wise words! Getting out into the world can create a whole new one for yourself. Just think of all the amazing things your child could do and see if they put their imagination to the test. 

Improves your physical health

The excitement of running around outdoors and taking part in outdoor adventure activities is a great way to exercise and what’s more, it won’t feel like a workout because everyone will be having too much fun!

It increases productivity Kids playing in outdoor adventure

Being outside increases our energy levels. Theories show that by taking a break from being in front of a screen and going on a short walk, allows our eyes to have time for a rest and our mind have time to regroup. So when we come back to doing work, we feel more motivated to get it done. That homework won’t seem like such a big task after all!

Sparks inspiration 

Humans have always been inspired by nature to create beautiful things. Some of the world’s greatest pieces of art and literature (here’s looking at you, Van Gogh) were influenced by the great outdoors. So if you’re in need of some motivation, whether that be at home or school, let wildlife take the wheel! 

It does your mental health wonders

Tom Madders, campaigns director at Young Minds, the children and young people mental health charity and Kingswood charity partner, said: “Children and young people today can face a wide range of pressures, including stress about exams, worries about body image, and the pressures associated with around-the-clock social media. Spending time outdoors, learning new skills, being with friends, taking time out from your daily routine, and having space to talk about how you’re feeling can have real benefits for mental health.”


For more information visit www.kingswood.co.uk or www.youngminds.org.uk


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