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Teacher training with a twist: How the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service is protecting staff and students during lockdown

The NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service is joining forces with schools across the UK to help protect staff, students and parents during the Covid-19 pandemic.

More than 30 schools across the country have so far partnered with the NHS service, which aims to extend the NHS standard of cleanliness to the wider community and support organisations with their infection control procedures during the pandemic and beyond.

Despite schools closing to the majority of pupils during the national lockdown, infection control remains one of the top priorities for the education sector. This is definitely the case for Billingham South Community Primary School in Stockton-on-Tees, which has kick-started the new year with staff training with a twist: a unique training programme teaching staff how to clean ‘the NHS way.’

Delivered by Tony Sullivan, the Environmental and Decontamination Services Manager based at University Hospital of North Tees and board member for the professional body for decontamination, the Institute of Decontamination Sciences, the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service training programme teaches the wider community how to clean ‘the NHS way’.  Tony Sullivan NHS Deep Cleaning

From touchpoint cleaning and application of disinfectants to ATP swab tests and how to remove PPE correctly, the training session covers a wide range of topics that have helped the team at Billingham South adapt the school’s cleaning strategy in line with the NHS standard, therefore helping to reduce the risk of infection. 

By investing in the training programme from the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service, not only is the school enhancing its cleaning regime but it is also directly supporting the NHS. In addition to helping reduce the spread of infection in the local community and consequently easing pressure on local hospital Trusts, the income generated by the cleaning service is reinvested back into the NHS to support frontline patient care. 

Edwin Squire, Headteacher at Billingham South, said: “Cleaning staff are very much at the forefront of this pandemic and it’s important they are equipped with the relevant knowledge, skills and equipment to help protect our staff, students and their loved ones at Billingham South. 

“The training session delivered by the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service has been key to enhancing our cleaning regime at the school. Knowing how to clean in line with NHS standards has really boosted the confidence of our cleaning team and has better prepared our school for overcoming the coming challenges faced by the education sector due to the Covid-19 pandemic.”  

Tony Sullivan, Environmental and Decontamination Services Manager at the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service, said: “As an NHS service, we are committed to supporting organisations across the UK with their infection control measures during the Covid-19 pandemic and thereafter.  

“As I always say, prevention is better than cure and that’s why it’s important for organisations to ensure they have the correct cleaning procedures and knowledge in place to help stop the virus spreading in the first place. Having now provided deep cleaning, audits and training services to dozens of schools across the country, we look forward to continuing to build long-lasting relationships with the wider community and to support with their infection control long into the future.”  

For more information about the NHS Deep Cleaning and Advisory Service, visit: www.deepcleaning.nhs.uk.  

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