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Champion positive mental health for your staff and pupils

Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Ltd is a company committed to reducing mental health stigma, improving knowledge and helping communities to feel able to support themselves to keep well and thrive. We aim to do this by providing evidence-based, government recommended mental health training, delivered by experienced mental health consultants.

Our approach
Through our staff and student workshops and parent/carer training courses, we aim to help you develop flourishing school communities with strong minds and big hearts.

The training is tiered as follows:
•    A health promotion message – 
Promote and maintain mental wellbeing
•    ​A health education message
 – Increase awareness of mental health difficulties and reduce stigma
•    ​An early health intervention message – 
Provide evidence-based self-help coping strategies

Our 3-tiered approach meets all the criteria for the National Children’s Bureau School Wellbeing Award and the latest government policy guidelines.

The benefits of good wellbeing provision
•    Good wellbeing provision reduces staff sick leave and pupil absence. It also helps to retain staff, thus maintaining expertise, experience Pupils highfiving positive mental healthand continuity. All of which are crucial to a culture of safety, consistency and flourishing.
•    Good wellbeing provision reduces mental health stigma. Being able to talk about how we feel helps us to feel better and is a major strategy in suicide prevention.
•    A knowledgeable school community is more able to be supportive and less likely to be reactive when problems arise. The more aware we are, the easier it is to be reflective and rationale when managing difficult behaviour. Students who feel understood, calm down more quickly and are more motivated to learn.
•    School environments are on the front line when supporting and managing students with adverse life experiences and mental health difficulties. Cuts to mental health support to schools have left pastoral staff bridging this gap.  Equip your pastoral staff with practical tools for managing mental health presentations within your school setting.
•    Develop pupil wellbeing champions & mental health champions, so your students can promote positive mental health within your school and within their peer groups – they can reach pupils who won’t engage with adults and are vital to establishing and passing on a school culture that is conducive to thriving.
•    Support your parents/carers, to feel more confident and able to help a young person manage stress, grow resilience and cope with mental health problems, so students come to school in a better state of mind to engage in learning.
•    Support your mental health lead to be resilient and take proper care of their own mental health so they ‘pour from a full cup’ and stay in ‘wellbeing credit’ themselves – enabling them to supervise and champion staff, pupil and parent wellbeing effectively using the latest science in positive psychology coaching.

Our courses
Our training courses range from 1-2 days and take place at NCVO centre (King’s Cross, London) or at your location.
“Our training workshops will increase your knowledge, help you to challenge stigma, and encourage you to take care of yourself so you ‘pour from a full cup’. You will leave our workshops with practical tools and new skills to improve student wellbeing and also your own. All our courses are rated as good or very-good.”
Rachel Ewan, CEO & Founder
Share our vision for schools to be safe havens for courageous learning for all, that is much wider than just the academic curriculum. A place where the wisdom to live life well is at the heart of all that is done.

“Rachel has regularly delivered mental health training to both staff and students at St Andrew’s College, Cambridge. Her relaxed, engaging Training staff for positive mental healthand professional teaching style result in a captive audience who are eager to learn what can at times be a difficult subject matter. The relaxed atmosphere in the classroom encourages everyone, regardless of level of knowledge to feel comfortable enough to interact and ask questions. A perfect learning environment.”
David McEwan-Cox, Head of Pastoral Care

“I recently attended a two-day Mental Health training course run by Rachel which was extremely informative and fulfilling. Rachel has a warm and relaxed manner which coupled with her vast experience meant it was easy to learn and discuss topics. Thanks to Rachel’s training I have been able to implement new systems in school and raise awareness amongst children, staff and parents of the importance of supporting our children’s mental health and emotional wellbeing. I would highly recommend.”
Anna Hewitt

“Working with Rachel has genuinely transformed my life. As a head teacher I am always trying to care for my staff and find ways to support their wellbeing. However, I hadn’t realised I was neglecting my own – by the time I get home from school each day I have nothing left to give my family. Within five sessions I have been able to think about more than just basic survival and have begun to think strategically, with clarity. Those around me are also beginning to feel the benefits too!”
Maria Higgins

Get in touch
To find out more about the mental health training courses we offer:
Call:    07828 335142
Email:    rachel@mentalhealthwellbeingtraining.co.uk
Web:    www.mentalhealthwellbeingtraining.co.uk


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