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Mengage: practical work with boys and men on health concerns

Mengage is a not-for-profit company working with males on their health and the issues that affect their health. The services we provide include direct work with males, accredited male health education courses –with internal verification, resources, workshops and training, consultancy and research-based solutions from both national and international practice, backed by years of experience of practical work with men and boys.

Mengage has a primary focus on practical work with men; it is founded by and run by practitioners who use their extensive knowledge of ‘what works’ to deliver and implement practical work that makes a difference.

As practitioners we are aware that all too often males fail to present themselves at health services because they are not aware that they could be affected by a health concern, or that they don’t realise the implications of their actions or behaviour; that they had not been given health advice and information delivered in a way that was appealing and accessible to them – in environments that they were comfortable in, and in a language or manner that they could readily understand.

Mengage acknowledges that men’s health encompasses a broad range of theories and disciplines. We seek to acknowledge this in our work; we do not promote any work on a rights-based or ideological basis.

We promote a social determinants and ‘salutogenic’ approach that has identified key factors likely to enhance male health. Complementary to this we use social marketing methodology to construct our services to ensure that our products are suitable for males to invest in and consider taking up healthier lifestyles. Our main practitioners are Liam and Paul.

Liam trained originally as a teacher. He has worked in the teacher and training field for 23 years and has a wealth of experience of leading subjects at secondary level, and drugs/alcohol, Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, Sex and Relationships, and segueing into male health for the last ten years. He has recently gained a counselling qualification and operates Mengage Therapy; a service just for men. He adopts the Carl Sagan mantra of, “If we aren’t laughing, we aren’t learning!”

Paul trained as a nurse. He transferred into Public Health practice around engaging with men, which is where his interest in this area was firstMengage - practical work class spawned. He has completed a Masters in Men’s Health, where he established his credentials in this field and championed the social determinants and salutogenic approach, discussed above.


The combination of these two practitioners and their varied experiences lends itself well to delivery leading to the following types of comments being made: 

Paul/Liam overall – 
the balance between the two facilitators, lots of information delivered with aplomb and humour; nice style and pace; interaction of the presenters, the succinct style of the presentation with the facts being presented; good combination of learning and fun, academic concepts, practical exercises; pace and delivery of training, good balance between structured learning and group based/activity work. good chemistry, very well presented by both, catered for all learning styles; I love your delivery, the language you use and how you get things over. You both work well together, bouncing off one another; it was very engaging and interesting, got a lot out of the 2 days; 
Various participants, Men’s Mental Health Champion Training, North Somerset October 2019

Mengage can write bespoke training events around positive approaches to preventing suicide, accredited Mentoring, Raising Boy’s Achievement, Boy’s Mental Health, Therapeutic Approaches to Pastoral Work – and any combination of the above. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements and Mengage will be happy to help.

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