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Get ready for the relaxation of restrictions with Tillr’s Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit

It is acutely ironic that 2020, a number associated with complete clarity of vision, is a year of unmatched confusion when it comes to looking into the future. 

Given the unprecedented nature and scope of the restrictions imposed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, nobody can claim any expertise in knowing what happens next. 

However, it can be stated with certainty that the organisational and logistical challenges associated with the relaxation of lockdown will be enormous. 

Local government will be faced with a fiendishly difficult task in overseeing and implementing measures introduced by Whitehall. 

Increasing numbers of local authorities have turned in recent years to Tillr, the developer of a software platform that facilitates the rapid digitalisation of operational and regulatory procedures.

Councils have been asking with some urgency for content related to Covid-19 to be added to their Tillr accounts. They need help protecting their staff, the public and local businesses.

Tillr has responded with a Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit, which will help with the creation and maintenance of Covid-secure workplaces, open spaces and local amenities. 

A nation is looking for answers – at Tillr, we believe we are in prime position to deliver one. child on laptop using Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit

Tillr: A story of innovation and excellence
In the five years since Tillr was founded in 2015, our eponymous platform has become a trusted and reliable name in the sphere of digitalisation of local authority processes. 

More than 20 councils across London and the South-East have turned to Tillr to save time and money by digitalisingtheir operations in areas such as sports and leisure, waste management, parks and open spaces and highways. 

The immediate result of working with Tillr is a reduction in administrative tasks, followed by a gradual improvement in the way a client understands its own data through enhanced analytics.  
Key to Tillr’s growth has been the way we position ourselves as a partner rather than simply a service provider. Our six-strong team works closely with clients to ensure the platform meets their requirements. 

Every client is different – and the platform is designed to be highly configurable to cater for the particular circumstances of each organisation and the use they wish to put it to.  

An asset that’s fast to install and roll out
The flexibility of the Tillr platform will be a crucial facet of the Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit. Each local authority will face varying challenges when the time comes to implement and monitor activities after restrictions on people’s movement are relaxed. 

Our toolkit contains templates that will help with areas such as social distancing, the unauthorised opening of premises and the implementation of policies relating to new rules governing locations such as shops and restaurants. 
Speed is key. This is an asset that can be delivered quickly – and updated fast too. If an announcement in Westminster changes social distancing parameters at 5pm, that will be reflected in our service by 9am the following day. 

The toolkit has already been used to good effect. One London borough was concerned about breaches of social distancing guidelines in its parks and decided to start monitoring. We added a template to its Tillr account within 24 hours of receiving the request so that the council could record instances of breaches.

We know there will be considerable interest in this product across the public sector. We have had discussions with the Mayor of London’s office, the Greater London Authority and several boroughs in the capital, as well as Sussex Police.  

Free of charge to existing customers 
Tillr does not see this asset as an opportunity to exploit the desperation for solutions in the post-Covid world. We want to make it as easy as possible for local authorities to access the toolkit and trial it. 

We believe there will be a strong response from the public sector, so we are making is available quickly and on a non-profit basis. 

Indeed, existing council customers – more than 20 bodies across the South-East – will be offered the toolkit completely free for 12 months, provided they agree in advance to contribute to the content on the platform. 

Variations to help related sectors
Tillr is already actively preparing to develop a separate version for police forces, whose requirements will be different to those of councils.

We are in discussions already with Sussex Police, one of two forces who already take advantage of the Tillr platform.

After that, we believe there could be yet another version for educational establishments such as schools and nurseries, where the application of social distancing restrictions will be particularly challenging. 
It is also possible that the toolkit will become available to the private sector, where there will be post-lockdown issues for businesses such as restaurants, pubs and those in the events industry.  

Contact us today to access the toolkit
We are in discussions with existing clients already. But for those new to Tillr, the best way to register your interest is to contact us on hello@tillr.io or via our website

We suggest getting in touch as early as possible so that you can be ready to implement and monitor post-lockdown restrictions as soon as they are in place. Get ready for the relaxation of restrictions with Tillr’s Post-Lockdown Recovery ToolkitGet ready for the relaxation of restrictions with Tillr’s Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit

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