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How edtech can relieve exam stress for an entire school community

Karin Bjerde, Head of Strategic Growth at Kognity, comments on how edtech embraces a hands-on and personalised approach to education that eases stress, teacher workload and budget pressures.

Students have studied hard over the year. They’ve memorised quotes from plays and poems, learned the tools of critical analysis, practised applying formulae and theories, and mastered the French tenses. However, by May, most become increasingly concerned about their exams and results, and if history is anything to go by, they are not the only ones to feel the stress.

Teachers, department heads, senior leaders, support staff, parents, and governors often invest just as much in student outcomes as the students themselves. For years, they have taken students on a dedicated path of learning. They’ve given them the tools and strategies to help them get through the content, and hopefully developed autonomous learners. Year on year, teachers provide feedback, host revision classes, apply interventions, encourage, empathise and support their students, but by the time pupils sit down to put pen to exam paper, staff and parents have to concede their part in the process. Karin Bjerde, Head of Strategic Growth at Kognity, on how edtech eases stress, teacher workload and budget pressures.

Occupying national headlines earlier this year, we heard teachers highlight the profound effect that students’ mental health can have on the entire school community. School staff have grown acutely aware of the ways in which exam pressure can affect their students’ mental health and will often take this pressure on themselves. Dedicated, hard-working teachers lie awake at night worrying whether they have sufficiently supported their students and what more than can possibly do.

While teachers may absorb their students’ stress, thanks to digital innovations and education technology, we now have the tools that can make it all a little easier for teachers and students alike. If some of the stressors of exam preparation can be eliminated, or at least alleviated by edtech, the trend of schools investing in evidence-based resources should come as no surprise. Technology now exists to support learning in a way that is engaging and accessible for students, while taking away some of the considerable stress placed on school staff and students.

Thankfully, in the contemporary education environment, edtech advances such as intelligent textbooks can be implemented in classrooms and at home to complement and supplement traditional teaching, learning and assessment. Incorporating video, 3D models and embedded formative assessment, these resources are designed to improve learning in a way that is valuable, student-friendly and highly personalised.

Not all stress can be eliminated, but if technology can assist in maintaining a healthy, more manageable level, it seems akin to a duty-of-care to embrace the wave of edtech and digital resources. Afterall, it will only be through the adoption of innovative and contemporary approaches that shake up the systemic shortcomings, that significant progress will be made in transforming the mental wellbeing of the entire education community.

How can edtech support students and teachers?

  • Digital tracking of knowledge and progress to highlight knowledge gaps to help tailor more in-depth student support.
  • Auto-correcting assignments reduces marking time and eases teachers’ workload.
  • Digital textbooks ensure resources are up-to-date and curriculum aligned, reducing research time for teachers..
  • Increase student engagement through interactive and engaging tools such as videos and 3D models for a truly immersive learning experience.
  • Cloud-based learning provides a central learning hub for students and teachers.

See kognity.com for more options on how to ease exam stress using edtech solutions.

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