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Covid-19 impact on the lives of young people

‘Andrea Greystoke is the Founder of Abercorn School, a leading independent school which has recently announced its expansion to accommodate an older age group in response to an oncoming demographic shift in Britain, in which the number of 18 year-olds is expected to grow by 25% over the next decade.’

Here’s what Andrea Greystoke has to say about Covid’s on-going impact on children and the latest measures the government is encouraging schools to introduce in response to the Omicron variant gaining momentum in the UK.

  • ‘Covid-19 has had a detrimental effect on the livelihoods of many, and has had a particular impact on the lives of young people, whose education has been irreparably changed. A recent Ofsted Annual Report highlighted the widespread social and educational suffering brought about by restrictions and lockdowns.’
  • ‘The last year has undoubtedly been extremely difficult for many pupils, teachers and parents, and so I am supportive of measures that can be introduced in schools to ensure that they can remain open and to try and slow the spread of Covid, including mask wearing in senior schools.’Andrea Greystoke, Abercorn School comments: Covid-19
  • ‘Testing pupils when they return from their Christmas holidays is a small ask to protect children’s wellbeing and education in the classroom, as well as preventing the need for tougher measures to be considered.’
  • ‘As quickly as schools like Abercorn adapted to online learning, for many young children, it was not a comfortable experience and we should do everything possible to avoid this happening again. We prioritise learning in a structured, but also sociable and supportive environment at Abercorn, and these key principles are so important to the personal development of children throughout their educational journey all the way through to A-Levels.’
  • ‘Wellbeing is not something that can be instantly provided, but is something that can be nurtured in a child with the help of a quality and caring education. The process of building this important sense of wellbeing and security is not straightforward, and takes time and consideration… Lockdowns mean that this journey has been hugely disrupted and we should do whatever we can to ensure that our schools can stay open to safeguard this process.’Abercorn School


  • ‘At Abercorn’s Upper School, pupils and staff have been wearing masks throughout the pandemic. This is something that we will be continuing to ensure that we protect the education, health and wellbeing of our students and staff.’
  • ‘I believe that wellbeing is an essential prerequisite to the acquisition of knowledge and a successful, happy schooling experience, and schools uniquely offer an environment where these values can be fostered, nurtured and left to flourish. Ensuring we do whatever we can to keep our schools open is essential.’



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