Teen calls on headteachers to offer first aid in schools

An inspirational teenager is calling on schools across the UK to teach pupils life-saving and first aid in schools after witnessing a tragic incident in her home town. 

Walsall teen Phoebe Lago-Willetts is heading a campaign to ensure young people are being taught vital first aid in school. 

The 16-year-old enrolled on first aid training after bearing witness to a fatal attack, and felt she needed to be prepared in case she was ever involved in a medical emergency again. 

After embarking on a course with national training provider Busy Bees Training, Phoebe decided it was time to take her quest to the next level and is now encouraging schools across the UK to teach basic first aid to young people.

The Birmingham Ormiston Academy student also sits on the panel of her school council - Voice of BOA - and is working with several other students to drive positive change within the academy. 

Phoebe has been a panel member for more than a year, and is dedicated to helping her fellow students develop wider life skills that they might need in everyday life - including first aid. 

Teen calls on headteachers to offer first aid in schoolsShe said: “After attending the course, I’m now more passionate than ever about encouraging others to improve their first aid knowledge. You never know when you will be faced with a situation that requires first aid, and I firmly believe that everyone should have some basic knowledge, which can be the difference between saving a life or not.

“I also regularly assist young children at my local Stage Coach class so having some form of first aid knowledge puts my mind more at ease, should there be a medical emergency.”

Fay Gibbin, training manager at Busy Bees Training, who welcomed Phoebe onto the two-day course, said:“Phoebe has managed to turn an awful incident into something very positive for her local community and she should be very proud of herself. Whether it be an adult or child, at Busy Bees Training, we have been championing the importance of first aid for many years and it’s great to see how passionate Phoebe is too about ensuring all teenagers have some form of basic first aid knowledge.

“Unfortunately, fatal incidents do take place in everyday life but if we’re able to educate more people about knowing the steps to take in an emergency, then many more lives could be saved.”


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