The problem

Fire safety statistics show that each year 43% of schools suffer a fire of some severity, affecting 900,000 children and costing thousands of pounds in damages. 

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 was produced for public establishments to provide a simple and rational guide to protecting property against fires. Despite this, institutions across the UK have still received fines up to £70,000 for failing to adhere to the legislation.

The importance of fire doors

One of the leading methods of protection outlined by the Fire Safety Order is the placement and maintenance of fire doors within schools. Schools have raised issues about the practicality of fire doors including the fact that busy hallways require free flowing access, heavy doors slamming shut are dangerous and could result in injury, and that fire doors can be hit and damaged by students walking by. Fire doors are the first line of defence against a blaze, yet often the agrippa holderfirst thing to be neglected.

Fire door holders

Electromagnetic fire door holders are a compliant solution to safely hold open heavy fire doors. In the event of a fire, the magnet is released to close the door and protect the building and the people in it. Ensuring fire doors are closed in the event of a fire means that smoke and flames are contained in one area, minimising the spread of fire and reducing damage.

Agrippa fire door holder

The wire-free Agrippa fire door holder differs from other door retainers because of its ‘listen and learn’ technology. This means that once recorded, the sound of the fire alarm is stored on the retainer, ensuring the door is only released upon hearing this sound. This eliminates false activations from loud noises, class bells or noise from school children. 

Manufactured in the UK by Geofire, the Agrippa fire door holder is installed at the top of the door to minimise damage to the unit. The holder can be installed by a handyman or caretaker, without compromising compliance with fire regulations or causing disturbance to the fabric of the building, due to being battery powered and wire free.

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