Well it's that time of year again, when you no longer need to find childminders etc because you have to send the kids reluctantly back to school. 


But why are they complaining? Surely school isn't half as difficult as going to work or completing a list of daily chores? You may have even thrown about the line "what I would do to be back at school". 


Well, Ryman sent the nation back to school and the results are in.


Between 31 July and 14 August 2017, Ryman ran a Facebook quiz that asked UK respondents to answer ten general knowledge questions based around typical GCSE subjects, such as history, geography, maths, English and French. Now the kingdom has responded, Ryman has taken a fine-tooth comb to the results to see if there’s any difference between regions and sexes.

girls in school uniform smiling

The average score over all entries was 58.4%. One of the most interesting findings was how little difference there is between regions and sexes. The average score for men was 58%, and for women it was 57%. On a sample of 2,155 results, that’s barely any difference at all.

There was a more pronounced difference between regions, but again not a huge variation from the average of 58.4%. The Midlands and the North West were the class swots averaging 61% and 60% respectively. The North East occupied the foot of the table on 54%.

The biggest gender difference in a single subject was in ICT, where men were 11% ahead of women, at 60% and 49% respectively. Women’s most dominant subject over men was Spanish, in which their average of 78% trounced the men’s 73%. But men clawed back some linguistic pride in French, beating the women by 2% on 47%.

However, some of the most shocking statistics came from certain questions that were asked.

When asked which is the UK's longest river, about half the population think it’s the Thames and only a quarter knew the answer – the Severn.

Also, on average, 77% of the population got the Spanish question right, but when quizzed about the tongue of their home nation, UK residents could only muster 75%. Whats that about?

If you want to look deeper into the results, a more detailed account can be found at http://www.ryman.co.uk/back-to-school


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